Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Considered a significant threat since his days aboard the 50cc machine, Adams has been repetitive in his declaration as alpha. At no point, during his racing career thus far, has Drew displayed any sign of mediocre maneuvering. And last year, while staying in Kemp, Texas, the agenda was no different. Labeling that of Chattanooga, Tennessee, as home, Adams and family would gather their belongings throughout truck and trailer; migrating west, to see just what the fuss was about, regarding the “SPRING A DING DING” event early in March. The trail from the Volunteer state was rather muddy, but they knew, the hardship’s on the road to championship(s) were never easy; feeling a sense of gratification as they’d arrived, after crossing the lonesome plains of Texas territory. Saddling upon his steed just before that of practice, the spur’s of his boots would be latched on as he went to stomp his authority into the mind’s of competition; where their wandering thoughts, quickly would be infiltrated by that of his presence. He relished in the fact that competitors were worried about him; knowing that the magnitude of mental warfare, was something that could alleviate much of the opposition, long before the gate would ever fall. And after posterizing much of the surrounding body who attempted to face him, the qualification realm had been completed with absolute certainty; and he yearned to delegate his efforts, throughout six respective races. The 85cc (9-13) Open class was the first tenure to be taken part in; where riders like Haiden Deegan and Logan Best were also there to make a run for the championship. Understanding and respecting the skillset of his competitors was one thing; yet, you couldn’t ever catch that of Adams falling into a trap of nervousness or self-doubt. Instead, he would always seem to rise to the occasion, doing what was necessary to succeed, even on the brightest of stages. He would push his way into fourth for the opening segment of the aforementioned class; just behind that of Jeremy Fappani and Haiden Deegan. Looking to tangle with the two KTM combatants, the absence of Logan Best in front of him would then grow stronger from behind. He could sense the Yamaha rider steadily creeping forward; yet it would push him to charge even harder, resulting in a well off ride of fourth place. And in moto number two, he would flourish to a higher extent; putting his machine into third place after the halfway point, never looking back in the process. That third overall would give him the extra “oomph” of confidence needed to portray outright dominance in his other two divisions. And although Drew is as respective of a competitor as they come, the way he dominated the rest of the field in all four contests, was truly exhilarating. It was an idea that flourished from start to finish; equating to two more championships, and a bundle of momentum, while the pack would again trail him into the likes of 2021.