Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Tackling both Grand Prix, and MX circuitry, Deegan Sugamale was well-versed when heading into the event at Underground last year. His expertise was diversified, especially after residing in arguably the pinnacle of Southern California motocross. Sugamele’s home in Lake Elsinore is a perfect residency for him to better his craft while on the motorcycle. Numerous tracks, companies, and professionals of the genre are located within mere minutes; helping to develop his skill set, to capture his hopes and dreams. It’s helped him prevail to this point in time, where he and his family would decide to trek to that of Underground MX Park; home of the notorious, “SPRING A DING DING” championship. And with many other nationals on the tour becoming obsolete, this particular event has been one that’s risen with prominence; treating the rider’s exceptionally well, while bolstering their respective brand and image, throughout the industry. Sugamele knew this was an opportunity to be capitalized, and from the moment practice was initiated, he would push the Cobra machine to the absolute highest regard. If a double jump couldn’t be tackled, he would then fly into the face of the take-off; grabbing a plethora of rear brakes while sliding up the face, and spraying roost while vaulting all down the other side. These precious details were the factors that separated him from the rest of the field; and would be much needed, for the likes of the 51cc (4-6) Limited class. Beginning the respective Texas quest in that of top ten standing, he would linger around the latter part of the leaderboard for quite some time; pushing with all of his might, with riders like Bensyn Levan around. The two would plunge into an all-out dogfight, with Levan getting the better end of the deal this time around; yet, the two friendly foes would be back once again to contest, in the brief hours to follow. Now ahead of Levan for this particular instance, he was able to combat all opposition that attempted to derail him from a prestigious ninth-place run; ending the overall scoring sheet just inside the top ten, with a sense of gratification then overtaking him. Next to come through, was that of the (4-6) Special Limited class; where he knew a podium performance could be generated. And with that process of visualization and confidence, successful ways of locomotion would occur. At the front of the field each time he would partake in a particular moto, Sugamele showed just how consistent he was; tallying not just one, a third-place finish, but duplicate instances of bronze medal placement. And in this specific instance, that point total would be enough to grant him second overall; proving his relevancy on the national scale. Yet, the attention wouldn’t stop there, as he continued to bolster throughout the rest of 2020. As Spring approaches for 2021, you can guarantee that Deegan will be cemented atop the leaderboard; inviting all challengers, to attempt to derail him.