Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Signed on the premise of pure speed and talent, those under the KTM tent took notice of Daxton Bennick’s “SPRING A DING DING” championship run, this past year; warranting the attention of all in attendance, with a battle cry as loud as they come. Rather than belting with his voice though, he would translate the excruciating sound with that of his KTM 85cc machine; pushing the limits of the cylinder and adjacent engine parts, to the absolute threshold before bursting onto the racetrack. Sinking the wheels of the machine into the depths of the soil, you could see his stature and body weight translate from front to back; keeping as much traction on the rear-end as possible, before embarking on the roller section. Growing strong with every passing lap, his expertise would be radiant for all to see, once merging to the starting gate for the opening portion of racing sequencing. Beginning the first moto for the Supermini 1 class, sixth place would be solidified just ahead of Collin Allen and Casey Cochran. Many of these riders, were new competitors; and once the various ages had now amassed and blended under one specific division name, the action on the track was truly exceptional. He continued to remain persistent on the throttle, carving outlines that few others were able to mirror. Pushing with all of his might, until the end of this six-lap brigade, Bennick would rightfully be granted a sixth place at the stripe; just behind that of Kawasaki’s Gavin Towers. For the following bout, he and Casey Cochran immediately would link-up; going back and forth in a game of cat and mouse per se. The two would mimic each other, leaping through the section before the finish line with craftsmanship; vaulting to fourth gear, while persevering through a balance beam of respective ruts. Meanwhile, the gap between him and the number 316 machine of Evan Stice, would only grow larger; resulting in a solidified spot of seventh, and seventh overall, as a final placement as well. For that of Supermini 2, he would again find his rhythm; flourishing on the track, whose previous loam had now developed into rather-deep trenches. No matter how grotesque the track became, his usual style of standing on the foot-pegs, and using his length to soak up the teeth-chattering chop, would lend him well. He was efficient as they come, especially throughout the first moto; where he finished just ahead of Gavin Towers. Once they lined up again, in the hours to follow, it was much of the same picture; with numerous Ryder “D”, Evan Ferry, he, and Gavin Towers rounding out the top four. These young men were simply on rails, and Bennick’s stock would soar, as he vaulted across the line with a third-place finish. Fast-forwarding to the present, his growth in stature has pushed Bennick to the full-sized machine permanently for the latter half of 2020, as he looks to prey on the Intermediate class for 2021 as well. The “SPRING A DING DING” showcase (taking place in March), will be a platform in which he thrives for certain.