Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The pedigree in which Pine generated, was a feat that few could even fathom, much less recreate, regarding his 2020 ensemble. He was another gentleman from the “Lonestar State.” An Darren, along with his team, would weasel their way through the thicket and brush, to establish his presence at the infamous “SPRING A DING DING” event. He felt capable of clinching rather touted feats, yearning for numerous championships to be inherited to his respective camp. And although those dreams seemed a bit lucrative to many, those who knew him in the industry understood just what he was capable of. Running various 65cc classes, he looked to establish his brand in both the younger division, as well as the open contest; creating a masterful resume, once all was concluded for this particular spring championship. His notion of pushing the pace would begin in the 65cc Open (7-11) class; where a riddle of a top-ten finish, would be solved with ease. The first moto, had him hovering near the ninth-place spot. And even when riders were beginning to invade his relative perimeter, Pine would sustain composure; never faltering, and conquering an overall registry for the class of ninth (after claiming a splendid eighth, in the second outing). However, an impeccable jump would be enacted in his other two divisions of racing; where the 65cc (7-9) Limited class, would be the first for him to embark. His Cobra machine was ringing out around the course, where ruts would fill the layout from left to right. Choosing his respective pathway ahead of time, Pine felt enabled to plow through the ravines; the style and effort of the number fifty-eight flourishing whenever he blitzed amid tough terrain. All seemed to be well while holding the lead; until a critical mistake on lap three would push his efforts to fourth. But the fortitude of Pine’s race-craft would be cemented in resiliency, where all three races after the fact, were periods of thrill-seeking vengeance. He simply couldn’t be stopped, working his way through traffic, and sprinting away from the field all in the same moto; the outcome was replicated in a trio of occasions. No matter which rider he was facing, or just how tough the track would become, Ellis would excel. Pushing through the various obstacles that were scattered around this Texas pinnacle. Clinging to the throttle, the wins he, therefore, would accumulate, resulted in various number-one plates being placed within his grasp. The feeling was exuberant, and you could see the enthusiasm gleam when he headed back to his respective pit area. It was a feeling that electrified that of Pine, and he’s certain he can do it again, for the “SPRING A DING DING” event that’s approaching on the horizon.