Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



No stranger to the “Texas Tundra” Myers and his fellow brigade stormed into the Underground facility with confidence. They’d done this time and time again and looked to score spectacular results for 2020, “SPRING A DING DING” event. A native of the LoneStar state, he became acclimated to the atmosphere from the moment his tire tread hit the canvas for practice; carving outlines that were unforeseen by many, throughout the middle of the infield. Arcing perfect angles throughout the various sweeping bends, it’s as though his 125cc machine would never have to left off when volleying around this particular circuit. And although he knew circumstances would change in the coming hours, he wanted to exemplify an extraordinary circuit registry before qualification would cease. Adjusting the intricacies of the machine before he took it off the stand, he and crew had the number seventy-two assembled to the highest degree before embarking on the starting gate. Bypassing numerous foes on his way to the platform of initiation, he could sense that dozen’s of eyes were staring at him; creating a buzz that surrounded him within a significant radius. It would only fuel him more, knowing that he captivated that amount of attention, even before unleashing his true talent on the Underground track. He would contest that of the 125cc (12-17) B/C division; where numerous other members of the elite competition were waiting with anticipation as well. And in a moment’s notice, the gun-shot would sound, indicating a falling of gates to the ground. Immediately, he would blitz from behind the metal bracket; shifting into third, and even fourth gear before descending into turn number one. Up and over the multitude of rollers and minuscule ant-hill’s, he realized that every millisecond was valuable in this quest to the checkered. You could see him on the straightaway furthest from the gate, crouching aerodynamically; almost as if he were attempting to generate every bit of power possible. And it would work, as the gap between him and Talon Hawkins remained rather close; all the while fending off Gage Stine in the process. Knowing that just a few corners remained, Myers would hold-on to the handlebars with a gut-wrenching grip; putting his machine to the podium, and readying himself for the second bout of action. For the following portion of the competition, Crockett would reside third for quite some time; running lap-times just near the pace of the leader. His ability to hang-on, despite battling with Gage Stine was imminent; in his goal of attaining an overall podium. The fourth-place garnered at the finish, would bestow him a third-place honor on the statistics sheet; proving that his current training regimen, one that’s only gained strength for 2021, would be in his favor for the forthcoming nationals.