Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



A true terror aboard the automatic machine, Colt Martin could summarize the 2020 season in one word: dominance. From the inception of spring to the conclusion of rather cold winter months, Martin would venture toward the front of the field. He forced others to rise to the occasion, for events like Loretta Lynn’s, The MotoPlayground Race, and none other than the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. Synonymous with the “Western Theme” this Texas event portrayed, young “Colt” Martin could be seen flying around the track like a thoroughbred; en route to immense success for this particular championship. Running a variety of 50cc and 65cc classes, Martin planned on becoming rather acclimated to this particular course; understanding that the more track time he could garner, the better of his results may fare in the grand scheme of actualization. Fast-forwarding to qualification, Martin was rampant in his charge to the front; paying no attention to anyone around him, all the while lunging for the timing and scoring sensor lap after lap. His circuit times would never fate, and actually, would continue to grow as the rounds would pass. Hitting lines that few others could replicate, he appeared to be in a state of pure focus and visualization, when rolling to the starting line for his opening moto. Plunging into the depths of the 65cc class, he wanted to showcase his best skillset for that of the Cobra brand; albeit, on manual machinery. He would defy all odds, racing against seasoned competitors much older than he; yet, he could always be found, running near the confines of the top ten. Putting together pieces of extraordinary circuitry, Martin would hover in solid standing all weekend long; bolstering his confidence to an unbeknownst extent, when climbing aboard the 50cc machine. For the 51cc (7-8) Limited class, Colt would pursue the lead throughout the opening sectors of racing; pushing his Cobra into the depths of these fluffy powder berms, and disintegrating them with a blatant chop of the throttle. The rear end would slide and slash, yet he stayed true to his course of action; hoping to run the 50cc machine as hard as possible until he was escorted off of the race track. That was much the case, and would walk away with not only a single, third position in this endeavor; but two in totality, equating to a stronghold of third overall in the record books. He continued to set sail in the 51cc Open brigade as well, battling with the likes of Deegan Miler and Brayton Kreglow all weekend long. The trio was inseparable, swapping positions within chicanes that were no more than two to three bike lengths wide. The margin of error was slim, yet Martin felt capable of exemplifying extraordinary tasks. He would yield to no-one, especially after the second-place registry in the initial outing. Doing what was necessary in the duplicate portion of the competition, a fourth-place would be granted in the last race of the day; pushing him to third overall, and most definitely worthy of tremendous applause. That congratulatory banter, would cling to him throughout 2020’s final days...and looks to roar even louder, for events like the “SPRING A DING DING” championship in 2021.