Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



With the calendar in 2020 being rather unprecedented, there were few, if any, bits of normalcy that could be found throughout the year. All sorts of racing formatting, qualification sanctioning, and rule changes would be enacted; creating a whirlwind of events, for many racers and their families. However, before that of the Coronavirus Pandemic occurred, would be the commencement of the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. And the "Blecha Gang” was at it bright and early to begin their respective quest; where the first stop on the tour, would be listed on the rightful proving grounds of Underground MX. It’s a landscape that’s been proven tried and true; especially during times of recent memory. Fast-forwarding to the present, it’s now been labeled as the site of the one and only, “SPRING A DING DING” event. A place where fun and competition merge, interconnecting to create a one-of-a-kind championship. Cole Blecha, though, would equate those two ideologies; becoming more enthused, as his stat sheet became even more fulfilled. That was much the case in qualification too, where Blecha would pay no attention to cautionary advisory warranted by many in his corner; simply “sending it” from the moment his tires spun onto this respective Texas soil. Absolutely nothing was standing in his way for this particular bout; gleaming with confidence and poise as he scanned the starting gates for respective positioning. Blasting out of the gate in an instant, the field for the 65cc (10-11) class would flock to the first corner; hitting fourth gear in the meantime. Delighted with the sheer speed that his accompanying chassis was broadcasting, sent him well into the parameters of the top five; doing what was necessary to attain fourth as he began the weekend, nothing could stop him from succeeding at this point. Next to come, was the encore performance of this respective division; where Blecha, would move into second for quite some time. He felt capable of holding onto this position, yet, Kannon Hargrove was giving him fits until the checkered flag would fly. And although he would tally a third-place numerical score, a bronze medal overall position, was something to be excited about. Much was the case again, in the 65cc Open (7-11) division; where the same scores were enacted, leaving few to guess as to where he would land in the overall docket. And as another podium performance was fostered, all of his attention was then placed on the 65cc (10-11) Limited class; where domination and havoc would be placed upon the entire surrounding body of opposition. Each lap throughout the quest of these two races would be a reiteration of the sequence before; constantly circling and surveying, disregarding anyone else’s wishes to attain the top spot of competition. He would stamp his brand through and through this particular class, walking away with a title that few could ever imagine. Next on the docket, as the world continues to evolve, would be the likes of the 2021 championship; a realm where Blecha’s forecast, most definitely is surrounded with success.