Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Tried through numerous tough times, Yamaha’s Chandler Baker continued to fight through immense pain to clinch his goals for the 2020 season. A rough year for all involved, it was especially problematic for Baker, who unfortunately had to partake in shoulder surgery, following the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National. However, it wasn’t all taken in a negative context, as his performance at the “SPRING A DING DING” championship was rather notable. Representing the alma mater of Oklahoma with outright speed and ability on the motorcycle, Chandler Baker is taking the reign of the Sooner State with authority. As the torch has been passed from natives such as Trey Canard and Justin Bogle, Baker (along with others) have done their job to bring recognition to the territory; shedding light on the area with spectacular results, seemingly at every stop on the national circuit. Much was the case too, for 2020’s “SPRING A DING DING” championship; where numerous riders attempted to derail, his heavily desired path to victory. He knew that the road to “gold” wouldn’t be smooth and paved; instead, understanding that the trials and tribulations he would encounter on this grotesque Underground course, would make victory and strong results that much sweeter. Positioned into two outright classes aboard his number 350 Yamaha, he yearned to broadcast an immediate presence for that of practice; escalating further and further into his abundant skillset, through each particular round. Standing up the vast majority of the time, it appeared as though many chasing him, were becoming a bit disgruntled; and rightfully so, as the “Baker Bullet” was one that couldn’t be tamed or ricocheted by anyone else on the track. He would then carry that precedent into the racing quadrant as well; although a dismal fifteenth to begin the moto, wasn’t ideal for his foundational quest. Understanding what was at stake, he immediately put his nose to the grindstone; rummaging through the field with absolutely no empathy for his competitors. Powering through the deep loam of the inner circuit, you could see him cutting across lines in necessary; all in hopes to attain better positioning when driving to the checkered flag. He would salvage this particular moto, for an outright fifth place notion. Doing much of the same in the second round, he would steadily creep forward to the fourth spot; finishing just behind his fellow Oklahoman, Jesse Flock, on his way to an overall of fourth as well. Reiterating his staying power for that of 250 A as well, an opening position of second in the box-score would leave team members of all sorts looking toward his respective brand. The work he’d been doing in the off-season was faring supremely well, and he knew that the second moto was a place for him to sew together a masterful overall performance. Dumping a full-course effort into this particular showcase, many others would only trickle their effort behind him; while he, Hammaker, and Flock, took hold of the top three. Residing in third from circuit number two forward, his overall positioning of third was one to note; especially, with the bright lights of professionalism just around the corner. Toggling the idea of leaving the “A” class in the rearview, many are rather intrigued to see where Baker ends up going. Regardless, you can guarantee, that his effort will be of the highest magnitude, always striving toward victory lane.