Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



In summarization, the year 2020 could be labeled as one of, if not the, strongest of Chance Hymas’ career. Garnering race wins, overalls, and championship’s alike, you could say that the Kawasaki amateur program, was ecstatic to have him on board. Although not quite to professionalism just yet, it’s an idea that looms on the horizon; and a goal that he hopes to acquire, very shortly. But for now, and at this respective point in time, he had to focus on putting in a hard day’s work, at the Underground MX Facility; riding into the premises of the “SPRING A DING DING” national (for 2020), looking to capture what was rightfully his. Signing up for various “B” and Schoolboy classes, his portrayal and practice was that of a fierce champion; one of veteran-like quality, yet still showcasing innovative technique and flare, while launching over the “huge” step-up that was located adjacent to the prior roller section. All who watched could sense that he was a man on the mission; hoping to do what was necessary, to win as many titles as possible. To begin matters, he would throw his name into the hat for 450 B; where a man by the name of Levi Kitchen awaited him. Just behind that of the starting gate, set two, swinging doors; mimicking a Western saloon, in which Hymas would barrel through. Immediately calling-out that of Kitchen, Levi would simply nod his head in agreement; offering the Underground track, as a facility where they could work matters out. And at this point, Hymas was overcome with adrenaline; anxiously awaiting an opportunity to showcase, just who the strongest rider in “these parts” was. Jousting immediately out of the gate, the two riders were darting away from the pack behind them; throwing down lap-times, in the 1:48 second range! Unexplainable by many, competitors like Nate Thrasher and Kaeden Amerine, quickly attempted to blanket the flame that the top two would light; but unfortunately, nothing could be extinguished. Hymas, doing all in his power to get around that of Kitchen, would settle into second; knowing that the pace presented, was one of daunting measure. For round number two, Hymas was forced to work his way through the top four; channeling that of second, by the time lap four had rolled around. Holding onto this respective spot for all he had, his registry of the previously noted spot would have him locked-into a notion of silver medal placement. And as crazy as this sounds, that noted overall position, was his worst of the weekend. Dominating from there on out, three respective moto wins, would equate to a miraculous showing of championships; walking away from Underground, with two titles garnered to his name. Moving on, to events like Loretta Lynn’s, Hymas would then etch his name into the hall of fame. It's a categorization he’s attained with ease, where he will look to continue for the “SPRING A DING DING” event, that looms in the coming months, too.