Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Arguably one of the most recognizable riders on the amateur circuit, it’s as though Casey Cochran has leaped into an even further stratosphere when viewing his specific results bracket. He’s continued to topple charts and previous records generated, assembling attributes of professionalism and staking his claim atop the field. This “next-level” mode of sorts, would begin at the “SPRING A DING DING” national, last year. And although he was labeled as a preconceived contender, few expected to see the outright speed in which he cast, while staying at the notorious Underground track. No matter which specific practice or race he was conducting, Cochran’s ability to remain agile and vigilant, would push him to new heights; especially during the sections of whooped-out braking bumps, which caused many in his class to flounder. The attention to detail he exemplified was imminent, and he thoroughly yearned to seek and destroy and competitor who stood in his way. Beginning with the Supermini class, his outlook and efforts against elder statesmen were something to note; as he stood on the line, scanning the gate with confidence, rather than fear. Immediately beelining out of his respective path and into the first turn, his situational standing would place him near single-digit numerical classification. And he hoped to stay here for some time, especially with riders like Daxton Bennick within striking distance. This particular class was filled with talent, and he would do everything in his power to separate himself. Blitzing around the circuit, he was nearly clipping the numerous banners that surrounded the raceway; distinctively trying to find an edge that hadn’t been warranted by anyone else. Justified, as a result, he would finish with an eighth and sixth place tally; taking sixth overall as a result. Moving forward from that specific point, an opening rendition of illustrious craftsmanship would take place in the 85cc (9-13) open class; where a spectacular second place notion, was granted for all to see. And although he would encounter a bit of trouble in the latter race, his overall score of the fifth was still something to be proud of. Finally, the Mini Sr. 1 episode would come; and it was a place where his aspirations were then fulfilled. The top five riders were congested to a high degree; with many riders seemingly shroud to shroud for quite some time. He did all in his power to contain that of Oklahoma’s Adler Caudle, and that of Krystian Janik too. Swapping back and forth, he would barrel down the plethora of straightaways this track offered; reaching insurmountable top-speed(s) that this RM 85cc machine could generate. Climbing to that of fourth, only the second moto of this respective tandem would then await him. Beginning the moto outside the top ten, this specific showcase would highlight his ability to decipher lines; and finagle his way through the pack, even when pressure from all sides was amounting. Leaping forward with bundles of positive positioning, by the five-lap mark, he’d done enough to reside just behind Logan Best; taking fifth for the moto, but fourth overall in the final standing. Now, since time has passed, Cochran's stock has continued to rise. On a stellar trajectory as of this moment, we all await to see just how fast he'll be, at the 2021 juncture.