Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



A militant aboard the motorcycle, Canyon Richards flew through the likes of 2020 with a courageous demeanor. Regardless of who was alongside him on the gate, he continued to tackle the task at hand with bravery and fortitude. Calling that of New Jersey home, Richards knew that traveling west would be venturing into a trail of unknown territory. He’d heard rumors and tall tales, of what was nestled on the vast prairies of Texas terrain. Although scary, it was that simple speckle of fear that motivated him; propelling him to take on the first national of the year, otherwise known as the “SPRING A DING DING” event. It was a challenge that few felt they were capable of, yet, the resiliency of this young man would prove him more than capable of conquering the competition while at Underground. And much was the case, immediately for qualification. Ushered off the start-straightaway by a green flag, he took absolutely no-time to scan the track for smooth lines; instead, launching every obstacle in sight, while blistering away from the field. And that specific ideology, was on that he hoped to reciprocate for racing portions of competition as well; where he would begin, in the 65cc (10-11) Limited class. Storming out of the gate, he would be well on his way to immediate podium contention in this specific outing; hitting the numerous rollers around the course, in an eye-opening fourth to fifth gear! The chassis would attempt to fish-tail on more than one occasion; yet, with brute strength and force, he was able to reprimand the Yamaha; and force it to hold to its course. Irritating numerous riders behind him, his blistering speed couldn’t be penetrated by the pack; resulting in an exceptional second place, to begin the course of action. For that of the second moto as well, he would reside in the top five; venturing into a rightful position of fourth before all would conclude, equating to a silver-medal registry, by the time racing was halted. And then, the 65cc open class would come to fruition; a place where riders of all ages, would congregate and attempt to compete with one another. He stood tall amongst the crowd, his Yamaha gleaming with fortitude while chasing down that of leader, Seth Dennis. Although hailing from opposing coasts, the two would meet in the center of the track for multiple shootouts; firing off round after round at one another. This would totalize his margin as second overall on the spreadsheet; signifying that he was nearly on the cusp of clinching a championship. It would come full circle for the 65cc (10-11) class; where an opening finish of second, would have him in tying contention for the overall win. He had to capitalize on the mistakes of others, especially as they lapsed mentally and would exemplify riding mistakes as a result. With Dennis making a critical bobble, Richards was there to clinch what was needed; taking a victory for the moto, and most importantly, venturing back to his home in Jersey, with a stellar number one plate. That relic of an award, was simply one of many when viewing the entirety of 2020. He demolished competition at every venue he chartered to, and looks to continue that streak, while the industry congregates at the 2021 championship as well.