Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Few in the sport can say they’ve “ran the table” amid an event on the national scale. There are far, too many variables to deter one from securing every victory on the horizon...yet, on certain occasions, that task can be acquired. And Bryce Lizarraga, was able to attain it under last year’s particular banner. Becoming synonymous with success for this year’s “SPRING A DING DING” national. The track of Underground, was a place where the number 515 machine felt free to roam; creating a path that was considered uncharted, storming through the frontier for a plethora of gold at the finish line. Seeking the aforementioned medallion with all of his willpower, an illustrious flow of scrubbing and whipping would occur throughout practice; throwing the chassis sideways over the various mounds of hip-jumping and tripling instances in the middle of the infield. Poised with both craft and wit that few could even imagine, he would then transcend to that of racing parameters; where a multitude of “C” classes would await him. First on his list of division’s to take part in, would be that of the 250 “C” Jr (12-17) Limited class; where numerous riders would attempt to knock him off the course in which he desired. Things would begin to unravel rather fast in the first moto, where Jacob Henry would take an early lead. He felt capable of overtaking the fellow KTM rider, yet, decided to watch some of his lines while trailing him; setting up an optimal place to pass, when the moment was right. Sweeping through the vast “S” curve in the middle of the track, his ability to open up the throttle was exceptional; even when converging into the abundance of chop before these sweeping lefts and rights. Holding onto second with outright authority, he looked to topple the effort in the following moto of the class. Bryce would be on a mission like no other for this particular bout, starting in second, and eyeing the familiar foe of Henry from the inception of the moto. Quick to pull out his weaponry from the holster, a multitude of pellets would be sprayed from his pistol; seemingly distracting the competition, as clouds of smoke arose in his proximity. That aforementioned sight would be enough to confuse that of Henry; putting him into a lull of sorts, after a mistake on lap three. It was here, where Bryce would capitalize; taking the opportunity his opponent had given him and running with it diligently. It was enough to garner the win, putting an exclamation on a title run for the (12-17) year old class. And after accumulating that substantial momentum, he would then broadcast his efforts in the 125 “C” class; where numerous other 2-stroke riders would await him. It was then, where utter domination was exemplified; winning both races in outright fashion, and garnering his first title of the year on the national circuit. A process that’s been washed, rinsed, and repeated, look for Lizarraga to hold nothing back, as he plunges onto the same raceway for the new year.