Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Aggressive in all of his ways, Brock Walker’s championship-demeanor presented itself on numerous occasions for that of year’s past; and with the sparking of sprint speed being lit for all to see, the course at Underground would be a trail of flame, that few others could ever extinguish. The name of Brock “Walker, Texas Ranger” had never been more fitting than for this particular time in 2020; where the young man from the town of Joshua, looked to fight until the bitter end, to secure solid finishes at the “SPRING A DING DING” event. Mustering every bit of sweat and effort he could concoct, the diligence he displayed when locked behind these respective handlebars, was truly admirable. In qualification, his presence was imminent; standing out to the highest of regard, even when others were scattered all along the racetrack. No matter what stood in his way, Walker was able to complete unblemished laps; doing so with a style that had many in the industry taking notice as well. Riding a multitude of classes, the first would be that of the 125cc (12-17) B/C class; where a bundle of high-flying 2-strokes, would swarm the likes of Underground on the green-flag lap. Standing upright with a head-forward style, his ability to keep the chassis in check would pay-off rather well; especially in the outlying laps of the races, where many competitors fatigued. Pushing forward to a rightful position of fourth, Walker felt rather glorified to start the weekend on a strong note. For the following round of action in this particular class, he could sense that the Yamaha of newfound 125 rider Myles Gilmore was behind him. There was no way he would let the Cairo native around, creating a blockade on numerous instances around these sweeping corners; meanwhile, he would push to a position of eighth, before all was said and done. Now tabbed with sixth overall, his ascension would only gleam of higher registry in the forthcoming classes; including that, of the Schoolboy 1 division. Once again, tackling the fierce Underground layout with an abundance of might, an eighth place in the first outing would be a predecessor for a come-back of sorts; where his degree, was substantially amplified for the second moto. Starting in third, it would be only Gage Stine in front of him after a series of circuits; and he would push the number seventy to a rightful position of second. And once these scores were accumulated, Walker would be equated to that of fourth overall. However, in arguably his toughest bracket of racing, that of the 250 B Limited class, Walker would show-up tremendously. Here, his third place in the opening moto, amongst some of the strongest names in the sport, would be duplicated yet again in the following bout; where a noteworthy fifth place, would have him shuffled amongst the litter of names in the overall pecking order. The consistency would pay off; in a tremendous manner, doing just enough, to finish behind the likes of Levi Kitchen and Adam Smerdon. Once the event had concluded, Walker felt as though he’d shown his true worth; escalating his status and slogan, to becoming the “New Sheriff In Town.” And that label is one that may be life-long, if you will...as he again plans to storm into Kemp, for the likes of 2021.