Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Catapulting to a higher registry in 2020, Brighton Richard’s quest for success seemed to follow her to numerous events on the national itinerary. Much was the case too, at the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. It was here, where she migrated to a new division, a frightening task for anyone in this realm of competition; but the jump from the Girls (9-13) class to that of the Women’s sector, is about as frightening of a leap as one could imagine. The utter tenacity that the elder bracket possesses is truly remarkable; and a place where numerous combatants would wait for her, at this year’s “SPRING A DING DING” event. Sporting stellar finishes in the past, she hoped to continue building off her heavily accoladed resume that had been enacted thus far; beginning with the likes of practice, here at Underground. The track would immediately begin to be littered with chop, yet her ability to stand and rhythmic hop throughout enormous braking bumps would fare her well in the grand scheme of things. Then, once it was time for her respective number to be called, she willingly stepped up to the plate; taking a swing for the fences, with the starting of her KTM engine. Roaring into the first turn, she knew the likes of the older competition wouldn’t let her in too easy; yet, rather than shying away in fear, she would plunge into the fray with an even further degree of fury and speed. Keeping the front end light through numerous roller sections would help her prevail; to an outcome of fourth, in the first moto of Women’s competition. As the population of the class would then congregate once again, mere hours later, it was Richards who felt capable of garnering another top-five result. Running the KTM to the absolute highest degree, helped enable her to hit the largest obstacles on the track; summiting through the air, with a bit of flare unforeseen by many in the crowd. Her capabilities were endless, as she continued to storm around the circuit even with the checkered flag in the foreground. Taking fourth overall, it would be that of the Girls (11-16) class occurring next. And although the class title may have changed, Richards knew that she would have to bring an abundance of enthusiasm and force to this respective outing as well; creating a wondrous masterpiece of riding, the moment her tires rolled onto this respective Texas canvas. It was Kyleigh Stallings out front, with Nielsen in tow; and Richards, hailing from New Jersey, doing all that she could to represent the Northeast. Lap after lap, she would fend off riders like Madison Blanchett, Mayla Herrick, and Hanna Trujillo; riders of tremendous talent, who weren’t making these final few circuits very easy. Never once shying away from a quarrel of sorts, Richards would put her machine into overall podium contention; proving that she was more than capable, of demonstrating this aptitude for numerous races to come. From that point forward, leading to matters in the present, Richards has unmistakably been categorized as a championship-caliber prospect. The industry has listed her as a betting favorite, for the 2021 “SPRING A DING DING” event as well.