Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



On the road to stardom, one must be willing to face adversity and competition of all kinds. Welcoming the toughest of challenges, a champion will embrace the uncertainty that’s set before them...relishing aboard the mountaintop, after the battle had been fought. Enter Brianna Scheltema, a Michigan native who seemingly contested the majority of Women’s competition; yet, at events like the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, Brianna would begin to venture into predominantly male division’s. Willing to go up against some of the fastest riders from around the country, despite the aggression level of her newfound class rising substantially. She welcomed that idea, feeling as though the task was completely conquerable before the gate being risen at the infamous race in Kemp, Texas. The number 115 Kawasaki looked to exploit the weaknesses of those around her; regardless of any variable, they may have possessed. Practice was a platform for her to not only establish confidence in herself but to creep into the minds of competition; striking them with abundant worry and fear, long before the green flag would wave for the opening moto. Once timing and scoring had her name listed in a sufficient position, the Michigan native appeared to be “all-systems-go," regarding the racing mantra she was about to display. First up, would be arguably one of the toughest “C” class divisions; where riders on various 250cc machines, looked to push her aside immediately in the realm of the first turn. Hitting a multitude of inside grooves, she yearned to fend off as many riders as possible; before developing a sense of raw speed, that few others could replicate. Many would bottle up behind her, frantic that they couldn’t adapt to her pace; and this particular realm, would leave her with an eighth and eleventh place respectively; equating to a tenth overall on the scoring sheet. For the 450 C class meanwhile, she quickly disregarded the abundance of power that attempted to engulf her; putting respective power to her machine in an order that few could replicate. Plunging into the sandy loam on the far side of the track, these dozer-built berms on the side of the track, continued to be a place for her to ricochet off of; keeping the forward locomotion of her Kawasaki in full-swing, as she darted toward the finish line. Again, Brianna was considered a staple in the top ten; housing single-digit numerals, for both the first and second moto respectively. Tallying a ninth place on the stat sheet, her expertise would then loom toward the familiar bracket of Women’s competition; where she looked to excel with high demand. With a ballot of stacked competition all around her, Scheltema immediately began to fight over a podium residency; with the likes of Tayler Allred and Mikayla Nielsen. Never one to back down, she attempted to cling to the rear wheel of Nielsen for quite some time; doing what was necessary, to maintain the bronze medal spot by the time the checkered flag arose. The second moto was a duplicate image of this notion; and before heading back to Michigan, Brianna’s name would become engraved in that of a spectacular third place residency. And that mantra will most certainly translate into 2021. Where yet another opportunity in Texas will emerge, and Scheltema will again volley to the front of the pack.