Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Although upon the road map, one may see the route from the “Great White North,” to that of the LoneStar territory as tiresome, for lucrative rewards waiting at the end, you’d be surprised at the effort one could choreograph. And when rewinding to the year of 2020, looking to establish himself on the national scale, Brennan Schofield and crew felt as though the “SPRING A DING DING” was a platform that could be acknowledged by all in the industry. It was a place where the best of the best, so to speak, came to battle on one specific platform; under the watchful eye of numerous media members and industry insiders. He couldn’t let that previously noted pressure overwhelm him though; and instead, embody the moment that was at hand, relishing under the Texas skyline. Traveling from Nova Scotia, Canada to attend this particular event, excitement would outpour from that of his particular riding style. And with a drive of that magnitude, you could understand why Schofield’s amount of epinephrine was rising on an exponential level; knowing what was at stake, and hoping to accumulate as many possible results as possible. Throughout practice, the young man would dig with utter tenacity; ripping the throttle as hard as possible, while plowing the ever-thick loam that scattered the raceway. Nearly clipping many of the inside yellow track markers, he appeared to use every inch of track in his pursuit of a daunting time on the timing and scoring monitor. Escalating a degree that few others could fathom, Schofield appeared ready, willing, and able, to take on the main event’s that were to come. Squeezing into a single-digit numerical classification as the laps were winding down for the 250 C class, he knew he couldn’t yield to anyone else on the track; instead, blazing a trial in his own right, even if it were off the beaten path of many fellow counterparts. Registering sixth, the second moto would a proposition of succession; where he would tackle the raceway with outright rage and zero empathy. It was Jacob Henry out front in the meantime, yet, Brennan wouldn’t let the number 515 venture far. He would do all in his power to contain the lead, pushing his Yamaha machine into second one final time, as the race would conclude. The 125 C class, was a place where numerous 2-strokes would attempt to merge into the first turn; where Schofield managed to dodge a surplus of carnage and get out to an open pathway of his own. Standing up and above the saddle his machine, he would hold the reign rather tight in his hand; looking to bolster one hundred percent effort, all the way to the finish line. That would be much the case entering a second digit numerical tally into the record books, and aspiring to mirror it in the forthcoming hours. Getting a much needed strong start behind Bryce Lizarraga, he would do all in his power to make the move stick on the KTM rider. Inside to outside, his sense of urgency was apparent; violently scrubbing everything from minuscule ant-hills to the largest of doubles. And although he would have to eventually reside here, he put the entire class on notice; pressing forward through the Winter Olympics event, and carrying the same sort of poise into the new year. Now, with the MotoPlayground championship on the horizon, he yearns to exclaim the same sort of dominance he portrayed for the last go around.