Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Though nestled into a particular corner of the North American landmass, Brayton Kreglow and team were eager in their trek of the good ol’ U, S, of A; aspiring to reign atop the 50 and 65cc division’s, from the “SPRING A DING DING” event, and on. Although they were a long way from the former “Spring Break Capital” known as Panama City Beach, Florida, (also where Brayton Kreglow is from), the team decided to depart from the partying shenanigans, for this early spring weekend; hoping to walk away from Underground, with a sense of justification, proving that their work throughout the off-season was well worth it. He wanted to ambush the adjacent competition with unforeseen speed; almost startling them with an overwhelming sense flare and style, all the while ripping the checkered flag from anyone’s grasp who chose to stand in his way. Executing that notion for even the likes of qualifying, Kreglow was an assailant looking to move forward through the field; foregoing the racing etiquette that many others hoped to exemplify, and simply marching his way through the crowd with authority. Although respectful in his own right, Kreglow meant business; and he truly believed he had possession of a one-way ticket to the podium, from the moment the gate would fall for his first particular race. Entering both the 65cc and 51cc classes, some of the manual transmission adversaries were a bit different than what Kreglow had come to expect. He knew his staying power was apparent and capable, but some of these older riders had quite a bit more experience on their respective machines than he. Yet, he wouldn’t back down, finding a way to stand his ground near the top ten. One moto after another, his results would steadily incline; resulting in a summit of ninth, in the last rendition of 65cc (7-9) competition. All of the aforementioned battles and hardships would only prepare him handily for masterful performances on the 50cc machines. An initial outing of third in the 51cc Open class, had him beginning the trek on the right foot; as the KTM steed beneath him, felt more than capable of riding straight through to the podium. Busting through the doors of this Underground Saloon, he held many in the field at ransom; putting them on a pause of sorts, while he walked away from the escapade with an astonishing second overall. Much was the case yet again, for the 51cc (7-8) Limited class; and it was at this point in time when Kreglow appeared to be truly dialed in with this decimated Underground course. These trenches in the corners (otherwise known as ruts), were beginning to hook every which way; foot-peg deep, and forcing him to stay diligent in his pursuit of the final flag. Broadcasting a record-breaking performance throughout these selected laps, the first race win was nothing but sensational; and showcased just why he’s considered one of the fastest riders on the national tour. Yet, he wanted to duplicate for the second round. And although he may have lost the lead to Tayce Morgan, Kreglow’s outright consistency proved that he was here to stay. His capabilities were limitless, and after exiting the facility with multiple second place overall’s, you could see the esteem grow in a multiplying manner. The flame was lit for the rest of 2020, and into 2021, as well. Creating a resumé that few can replicate, keep an eye on Kreglow, as he continues to captivate both crowd and competition for present-day action, too.