Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Willing and able to adapt to a myriad of racing surfaces, the preparation for Brandon Ray’s 2020 expedition was no different. He sought to seek and destroy the competition, following every gate drop he chose to partake in. And the “SPRING A DING DING” championship, was no different. The Husqvarna pilot from California would disregard all air-traffic orders in route to his Texas quest, landing at the storied Underground MX Facility; hoping to distinguish himself amongst the best in the business, for this particular March weekend. The amateur national tour had gotten off to a strong start, and after building off a highly-touted 2019 run, the sky appeared to be the limit for Ray, when he looked to tackle the previously noted event. Collaborating with fellow members of his team, they developed a plan of attack on the opposition; hoping to flank and startle them with a series of strong starts, coupled with outright strong laps. He could see the forthcoming matter coming to fruition immediately; even for the round of practice, where he would be nestled amongst riders from around the globe. Holding his own, and then some, you could sense that Ray had another gar to tap into; especially, when he vaulted through the air over the gigantic obstacles in the middle of the track. Throwing the chassis to the side as he flew parallel with the tailwind, he felt rather calm and collected upon landing back to mother earth; quickly throttling out with authority, before practice would eventually come to a close. All in all, he was a rider that didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon; and that would translate into that of 250 B; where his first moto score of an eighth, would set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Hopping aboard the 125cc 2-stroke machine next, his numerical placement to begin the first moto of 125cc (12-17) B/C would register him in single-digit contention; if he could just keep the pace enacted, through the storm that laid ahead. Riders would begin to drop out of contention consecutively, laying over the chassis on one side while attempting to restart. He would do nothing of the sort, putting the nineteen machine into sixth once and for all, while waiting for the second moto. Ray would this time, have to come from the tenth place position; where each lap, he would find a remedy to move forward. Eventually being located into the fifth-place ride, he would finish just behind that of Crockett Myers; proving as to just why he’s now being solidified as a mainstay in the division. That fifth place overall, of the previously noted division, would then be toppled by the Schoolboy 2 outing. It was here, where a top-five quest, began this particular division on the right note. He felt strong, motivated, and enthusiastic about his performance once all was said and done; understanding, that this second moto, was a platform in which he had to seize. Blasting off the starting line, his gain on the racetrack would reap dividends; sewing the rear tread into this lush Texas soil, all the while clanging through the gearbox with absolutely zero hesitation. In other words, his performance would equate him to fourth overall; an excellent result by all means, and something he continued to garner as the year went on. Even through the Winter Olympics national, Ray would remain a staple inside the top five. And now with 2021 underway, one could assume that the Californian will once again hover, in a championship category for the remainder of this year as well.