Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Running swiftly while on a tremendous brigade for 2020, Bensyn Levan and the accompanying crew knew that the “SPRING A DING DING” championship was critical. Not only would it be a platform in which set the tone for the forthcoming year, but it also became a race in which gauged the likes of competition; as the event was overflown with a hierarchy of stellar athleticism. To heighten his skillset, Levan would have to lunge toward the pinnacle of the field; understanding that the process of excelling down the road, would begin with a race of this magnitude. And upon arrival to the facility, you could see the sense of excitement that would overtake him; clasping his hands together with enthusiasm and assertion, knowing that his opportunity of performing was literally, just around the corner. With spurs mounted to his boots, he would stride to the line for practice; looking to finagle his way into the front of the crowd. Dodging numerous riders while throwing down spectacular lap-times, he would forecast nothing but success after the conclusion of qualification. First up, in his three-bout stance of racing episodes, was that of the 51cc (4-6) Limited division. Garnering a spot around the top ten, Levan knew that his opponents would rough him up if necessary; like the feel of the “Wild West” not only embodied the event and its brand but was portrayed in a riding manner by fellow competitors as well. Yet, he wouldn’t think twice about racing hard and aggressive; running many of those who opposed him a bit wide, while he dashed away toward the final section of finish line obstacles. Crossing the line with a duplicate pattern of tenth place overalls, Levan knew that his results would skew up, once his other classes would arise. Registered in seventh to begin the 51cc (4-6) Special Limited class, he would immediately through the idea of becoming stagnant, out the window; wanting to showcase his best capabilities, while blitzing around the Underground circuit. The handlebars would appear to slap the sides of the steering stem; especially down the furthest back straightaway. Yet, the grip and strength of his forearms, proved that his musculature could outdo the erratic manner of the Cobra beneath him; pushing to a noteworthy fifth, once his engine finally subsided. The second moto, however, was a place where he initially sat fourth; knowing that he had little time to waste, and a podium overall was most certainly not out of the question. Therefore, he began to work, chipping away at the totality of this four-lap brigade. Finding a spot for that of second place, Levan was felt extremely gratified when walking away with a third overall. The “E-Bike” mini-class, was a place where a sixth overall would be tallied in the box-score, for the first round of circuitry. Yet, he knew he could do better; and would stand tall at the gates, when his respective machine was announced. Rising to the occasion, he would transcend onto a route of success, taking third overall as things would subside. And 2020, when viewed as a whole, could be deemed a year of exceeding expectations. Regardless of what the competition or surrounding racing landscape threw toward him, Bensyn Levan excelled. And you can guarantee, he’s presumed to do the same when the event comes to fruition in 2021.