Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Deemed one of the strongest in the class, by both peers and fellow members of the industry, Anderson Waldele knew that the “SPRING A DING DING” championship, was uncharted territory by many on the docket. Fairly new in its creation, the event would encompass everything a motocrosser could dream of, with a daunting gold medal gleaming at the finish line. He was armed with Yamaha weaponry that would scare all in the field, feeling rather dignified to put his true abilities on display; making both his family and friends proud while competing on a national scale. Adapting rather fast in practice, you could see that the number 674 had a certain knack for finding the smoothest lines; especially in the loamy parts of the track, furthest away from the starting gate. And although the bumps were already beginning to grow rather grotesque, he felt capable of defending both the track and opposition that combatted him; understanding the ability he harnessed, and what he was capable of once he was unleashed for the racing format. First on the ballot of classes, would be that of the 51cc (4-6) Special Limited class; a place where riders like Kade Nightingale, Deegan Sugamele, and Bensyn Levan would await him. He knew the competition would be valiant, but displaying extreme amounts of courageousness; nothing but raw power was then enacted through the throttle hand, twisting the grip to the utmost extent, while rummaging through the chaos in the initial portions of the competition. Dodging a sea of yellow flags, he refused to become stagnant to the crowd that lingered ahead; and instead, improvise with adaptations of lines, that few others would even notice. Hitting the largest of sweepers standing on the foot-pegs, you could almost hear the chassis bottoming out on occasion; yet his strength aboard the Yamaha machine, allowed him to soak up a rather large majority of the obstacles. And although a slight bobble on lap two would occur, the attrition was most definitely noticeable; getting him back to the seventh position, as all was said and done. For the duplicate course of action, the pack would fight all sorts of decaying variables; including the track, and racing atmosphere. Unlike anything they’d ever seen before, they braved the elements, powering their respective 50cc machines to unbeknownst heights while looking to tackle the checkered flag. Fourth once all was said and done, his final placement would certainly justify a sixth place overall. Now for the Shaft Drive Limited division, he was immediately delegated as an overall standout. Compiling multiple circuits of distinct harmony, he truly couldn’t be touched by riders that attempted to intervene from behind. And at absolutely no point, in either moto, would the Georgia native become discouraged; instead, rallying to a sweeping of the field, and significant placement of two first-place overall’s. Earning one of the first titles of his career, was certainly a milestone; yet, instead of sitting back and relishing the accomplishment, an outpouring of both hunger and desire would then come. That pattern of success was repetitive through October, symbolic of his determination both on and off the motorcycle. Taking his training regimen to an even higher magnitude for 2021, there’s no telling how many race wins Waldele will be hunting for at this year’s championship.