Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



When taking a panoramic view of sorts, regarding this previous year’s racing expenditure, Alex Russell could most certainly feel proud of the results in which he warranted. Blistering tracks around the continental United States, Russell managed to spike his “racing stock” exponentially, while tallying the highest of accolades from January through November. In particular though, was one noteworthy occurrence at Underground, where Russell excelled to an unbeknownst level. While in Kemp, the number 159 Honda machine would become all too familiar with the front of the field, for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” national at Underground MX Park. Running a multitude of the “C” classes, there was a preconceived notion that Russell would be welcomed by a slew of absolute talent when rolling to the respective starting gate. However, rather than scurry away in fear, he welcomed the challenge with open arms; acknowledging who was on the line beside him, and doing his best to showcase his true talent aboard the motorcycle. Piecing together selective portions of the track, he would craft and connect pieces of the Underground circuit board with mastery; running the Honda to the highest pinnacle of propulsion at certain times. Shifting through the gearbox, he was underestimated by absolutely no-one once his practicing circuits would halt. And as he gathered his belongings for that of racing matters, his fortitude remained at the forefront of the field; eyeing the green flag, from the moment the gate would fall. Pushing into the confines of the top five early on, there were numerous instances where the field would wedge and dive-bomb into these rutted corners two and three wide. Never one to back off the throttle, he would protrude his way into the selected ravines, decimating the rut with a chop of both gas and clutch. His antics, although smooth and keen beyond his racing tenure thus far, would pencil him into third; just in front of Bradley Williams. For the second round of racing action, his lasso would be in full motion just above his head; trying to “rope-a-dope” any surrounding counterpart possible, on his way to concluding the five-lap circuit. And although a slight bobble on lap number two would halt his forward momentum to that of eighth; the young man from Cypress, Texas, would rebound, showing his true Texan spirit, pushing to sixth as all would cease. Tallying that of sixth overall for this particular instance, he looked to eye the 450 C and 250 C Limited class with even more aggression; looking to hush all naysayers, while he scurried around the track at Underground. And for both of the aforementioned classes, it was as though he was glued to the front of the field; doing his best to race the bike diligently, one time after another. Now crafting times and performances as few had ever replicated, he would become immersed with glory and cheer from the crowd. Those in his corner would scream, slamming their spurs to the ground, all the while slapping respective tambourines. And the louder they became, the further he would escalate up the leaderboard. Doing enough to register not one, but two-second place overalls would leave him walking away from the facility with nothing but smiles and excitement. Shortly thereafter, he would step forward into the Intermediate ranks; and here, is where Russell’s ability to remain in a realm of superiority will arguably propel him into top-five contention, for this year’s “SPRING A DING DING” championship as well.