Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Considered a standout throughout the territory of Texas, Alan Scott’s talents have bloomed into a spectacle of national radiancy, attracting an abundance of attention where ever he chose to compete. And the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” national was no different, as his expertise was keen on the Lonestar composition; finding traction and momentum, every time he hit the circuit. His wisdom was impeccable, and the hours of studying his favorite professional riders were certainly coming to fruition when he climbed aboard his particular machine. Although in 50cc classes, you would think that Alan was tackling corners and jumps of all kinds, as though he were on a factory 450cc engine! There were simply few obstacles on this utopian Underground circuit, that could stop him, and that of the competition wasn’t one of them. Throughout the practice, Scott would rise to the top of timing and scoring; as numerous other racer’s and their pit crew’s, imminently highlighted his name. There was no question as to how much of a threat he was, and he could sense their fear when rolling to the line for the first race of the 51cc (4-6) Limited class. Although riders from all around the globe had begun to surround him, his outlook remained glued on the path ahead. Whisking the throttle back and forth, you could sense the seriousness and solidarity he presented; although his facial expression, would be masked by the shell of his helmet and respective vision apparatus. Names like Nightingale, Smart, and Rains, were there immediately as the field bundled within the first few corners; yet, rather than hover and stick to the inside, he would flock to a multitude of outer lines. Searching for a string of smoothness and breathing room, all the while running down the waving of the checkered flag. The Cobra’s, slithering as a harmonious unit, would hiss at one another; and any opposing rattlesnake that attempted to deter his pathway, was booted with authority while he sent the number sixty-one machine floating into the stratosphere. Now heralded into that of third, he was anticipating any even tougher road to the checkered, for race number two. Tearoff’s would be flying, and pellets of roost would ricochet off his chest; although riding with a bit of safety armor across his torso, sheer grit and a clinch of the jaw would be the qualities rendering him well through the storm. Attempting to dodge any trap set by a familiar foe, it would come down to him, Smart, and Rains in the final moments of action. Putting his machine into fourth, a duplicate overall standing just inside the top five would be sorted next to his name and number. The “E-Bike” mini-class, was a realm of racing action where he thrived with astonishing finishes. The duo of both he and Kade Nightingale was an immaculate group racing one another from start until the end. Scott would hold his own, and then some; hitting the various tabletop’s and double jumps with throttle twisting capabilities few could imagine. And in doing so, not only would he register second in the initial “play-off;” but he too would follow his first race result with a duplicate performance, this time, taking a silver medal back home to the native city. That pattern of ascension translated well into the remainder of 2020; and it’s now swept into the confines of 2021, yearning to come “full circle” as he migrates again toward the podium.