Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021



Pummeling throughout the country as 2020 would carry-on, Moore, Oklahoma’s Adler Caudle stood unfazed by the chaos of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Rather than withering away from the forefront, he remained at the forefront of the field; accruing dozen’s of astounding finishes, on the sports highest of platforms. Much was the case too, at the “SPRING A DING DING” event of 2020, where he was spotted immediately on the start-line, eager and ready for action...Although he was a bit too young to recall the days of John Wayne, Adler Caudle would ride into the county lines of Underground seeking vengeance on the surrounding opposition in his respective congregation. Many would amass behind these forty(plus) starting gates, looking over their shoulder in unison as he revved his bike to the moon. His particular engine, that ever-so deafening roar, created a rumble that others simply couldn’t fathom; and not only would they adhere to his dictation, but many would also follow his respective path around the track. Never once, attempting to pass, or try and reflect his systematic movement patterns. Contesting both Mini Sr. classes, he understood the magnitude of the enemy; knowing that infantry may await him on the other side of these monstrous jumps, but his outright courageousness would lend him to prevail when his machine would crash to the ground with an outpouring of speed and aggression. There were those on the outskirt’s of this architect-relic of a track, simply categorizing him as an “orange blur"; where a coupling of both surplus(ed) RPM and daunting style, had his numerical branding quite hard to magnify. Nevertheless, he would combat the opposition for various sets of laps; holding numerous inside lines, while riders like Luke Fauser and Landen Gordon chased his rear fender. The fortitude he constructed was rather remarkable, especially when blitzing down the chop-ridden straightaways in an unfathomable fifth gear! Being ushered by his mechanic and accompanying crew, the first race placement of sixth was something to build off of. He looked at the next platform of racing as a mirror of sorts; believing that he could reflect what had just occurred, and place his number eighty-six machine into the top five overall. Becoming interlocked with that of Casey Cochran, the Floridian would wade his way through this lonesome prairie of Texas configuration; and Caudle’s ability to trail him was rather exceptional. Doing what was necessary for this particular race as well, the individualistic tally of multiple sixth-place finishes, would garner him fifth, in the overall registry. Next on the docket of classes to conquer, was that of the Mini Sr. 2 category; where although the colleagues in his proximity were a bit older, he felt as though his particular set of skills could have him soaring to prominence once the checkered flag was waved. He could feel the chassis beneath him beginning to swap around at times; especially, when digging harshly on both the front and rear brake rotors. These gyrating cylinders of stopping-power were bubbling with absurd temperatures; all because of his pertinent throttle twisting, throughout every inch of the Underground course. Once again, putting forth an admirable showcase in that of the sixth position, his best result of the weekend would occur in the final round of the aforementioned class. Now being tabbed into the fourth spot, the overall accumulation of points, bolstered a prolonged effort from March, through the duration of the calendar year. Considered one of the most prolific riders in the United States, Caudle has his sights set on fabricating a masterful performance when the aforementioned national is initiated in 2021.