Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



When examining the statistics sheet of Adam Smerdon, via the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event, it was easy to see just how well he’d transitioned into the inception of the competition, departing onto the Texas Raceway with fearlessness...and when viewing his performance in retrospect, the port of his exhaust would be oozing with smoke, as the KTM competitor could be found sitting along with the starting gate, frantically itching for his moment to begin this respective duel. He felt ready and capable, visualizing this particular instance for quite some time; magnifying his target in the confines of the first turn, and looking to gallop out of the gates on top of his steed. Shifting the “bucking bronco” into gear, it would be that of the notorious Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C race awaiting him first; where he immediately began to sprint around the ever-roughening Underground MX track. Slapping the shrouds with a bull-whip of sorts, you could see the dust trail behind him beginning to amplify; covering the adjacent crowd into a film of minuscule soil composition. Those particles would have others gasping from breath; all the while he scurried away, to a relatively sound tenth overall. His true efforts though would shine brightest in the 250 B classes; where a multitude of sound overall competitors awaited him. Scouring the line-up before take-off, many on the fence-lines knew that this would be an absolute battle royale; as numerous contenders, chose to throw their name into the hat for an overall championship run. The number forty-two exemplified excellent craftsmanship, especially in the latter races of the afternoon; where the sun would bake this pristine Texas composition. Although becoming littered with pot-holes, braking bumps, and jagged edges of all sorts, Smerdon’s ability to pinpoint the smoothest line would render him far above the vast majority of the competition. His prerequisites of sharp-shooting, had him firing off rounds well into the top ten; placing in ninth in the first race of 250 B. Yearning to duplicate that course of action, he would launch over the myriad of large obstacles that were branded around the raceway; all the while holding off riders like Dylan Cunha, as they toggled over the sixth place residency. An illustrious conclusion to an overall “tip of the hat” performance, Smerdon would do what was necessary to clinch the matter of sixth overall as well. Then, it was time for the 250 B limited class to be bestowed upon him; where stock machinery, would be nestled under the frame of all his surrounding counterparts. He knew the field was even and began to diligently prepare for the war that was about to take place. Sharpening the bayonet, he would plunge into the parameters of the first few corners; looking to separate himself from the field, with a slashing of the sword. One lap after another, he remained a staple at the front of the crowd; moving from eighth place in the early going, to that of the top five. Although finishing here, he knew that deep down, he had more in the tank. Shortly thereafter, the brackets would unleash the stampede yet again, and he simply wouldn’t oblige to anyone; yielding to all signs of surrender and continued to volley forward with absolute reckless abandon. Now into the top two with only a few short circuits to go, he would trail only Levi Kitchen at the finish; being granted a noteworthy silver medal slot, as he rode off into the Texas sunset. Trekking into his 2021 tenure with enthusiasm, Smerdon has showcased brilliant speed on both Supercross and motocross circuits, eyeing the “SPRING A DING DING” event, along with numerous other stops on the amateur tour.