2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



For 2020, the Women’s division would be packed with household names and sensational talent, providing the crowd with an adrenaline-filled spectacle, throughout the Winter Olympic’s Championship. It was immediately forecast in practice, that this particular group could provide storylines and battles for the ages. And that notion would begin, as soon as the field stepped forward for the first moto. Hannah Hodges, the longtime standout from Deland, Florida, took a giant swing to initiate matters. Connecting on the first lap, her sprinting speed would radiate through the entire field. Everyone in her proximity would be forced to adjust and rise to the occasion; otherwise, they would be bypassed once and for all. Hodges’ creativity was imminent in her holding of the lead, where she would jump from outside to inside, landing with one leg off the peg. Slight technique adjustments such as that, created significant savings of efficiency; pushing her lead, well into lap three. However, at this time, Jordan Jarvis had begun to make her way forward, passing Tayler Allred and infiltrating second. She had her vision set on the race lead, and the law of attraction then propelled her forward, claiming the highest of positions on lap four. Hodges, aggressive as one could imagine, would do all in her power to retake the lead which she previously had. Revving with aggression, the moves were to no avail; as Jarvis had her mindset, on taking the race victory. That notion occurred, with the number thirty machine strong in first, Hannah Hodges claiming second, and Utah’s Tayler Allred, concluding matters on the podium. As timing and scoring would show, this particular trio would be separated by less than two seconds! Creating a bundle of anticipation, for the main event which was just around the corner. Fast-forwarding over the next few hours, the gate had then fallen; with the number thirty Kawasaki machine looking to break away. Allred, now second, looked to infiltrate the standing ahead; running a series of outside lines, in hopes of rallying past Jarvis with more momentum. One turn after another, she continued to feel empowered, and it was broadcast in her riding style. Scrubbing everything in sight, Allred would set the fastest time on lap five; yet the fortitude of Jarvis, would have the Kawasaki rider standing tall in first until the checkered flag appeared. Once again, doing what was necessary to clinch the title, Jordan would be labeled as champion. Allred, would ride exceptionally well for second, and Valentina Galaz, bringing home the bronze-medal position.