2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Scanning through this list of names, before the raising of the gate, few could guess the amount of action that would be presented throughout the forthcoming laps. This, being the eldest of the mini-cycle classes, had riders whose stature, could simply dictate where the machine went. Regardless of how rough the track or large the obstacle, athletes in this category understood the power they possessed aboard these big-wheeled, large-framed 85cc machines. Modified to the absolute highest extent, the power output defied by these steeds was truly jaw-dropping. Broken into two heat races, the first half of athletes would then take off, itching to race this technical Gatorback circuit. Although accustomed to an outdoor setting, riders like Krystian Janik were running rabid throughout obstacles. He and Ivan Aldama would immediately dive into action, bar-banging with exciting racing action. One of the fastest sweepers would occur before the roller section, and Janik had a rather stellar line of sweeping propulsions, which shut the door on Aldama time and time again. Although stingy with his effort, Janik demonstrated immense fortitude by blocking repetitive action cast by the seventy-seven machine behind him. Meanwhile, Collin Allen, riding with a superb style would reside in third. At the line, the referee would cue the top three as follows: Janik, Aldama, and Allen. As one moto came to a close, another one would begin...and for this time as well, would two elite competitors converge into a battle of astronomical proportions. Casey Cochran, sprinting to an early lead, was just in front of Haiden Deegan. These two alone would provide a pace that rivaled the professional division, letting their Supermini machines outpour throughout the six-lap quest. Deegan would do what was necessary to attain the win, with Cochran and Nate Freehill trailing. Collin Allen then, initiated action for the main event. He would escort the rest of the field for a two-lap sequence, before being overtaken by the sixty-six machine. Casey Cochran, pushing forward with clear track ahead, proceeded to enact numerous daunting laps; providing ample space between him and Haiden Deegan, who was in second. With Jude Smerlick third, Cochran understood that he couldn’t ease off the throttle, and the pressure provided a positive boost for Casey to sprint forward. And despite the overwhelming sound of Haiden Deegan’s KTM in the background, Cochran remained composed, generating enough power to claim the championship! It would be another historic performance, presented by the Clermont resident.