2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Industry chatter would flow throughout the pit area, regarding just how fast the Supermini division was going amid the week’s festivities. Not only were these bikes some of the strongest of the event, the pilots who manned them were arguably the best in the world, traveling from afar to capture a daunting Winter Olympic’s Championship. Although delegated through various tracks, the first obstacle to tackle would be that of Supercross; where a tight, technical track, would have to be overcome before rolling into victory lane. Practice went well for the likes of all, leading to a series of races, that were surrounded with anticipation. For the first heat race, Krystian Janik would proceed to bombard the crowd with a barrage of tactics. Sweeping from outside to inside, one must be careful if they attempted to venture into his immediate proximity; as if the case, a subsequent block pass or fall to the ground could ensue. Many would stand back, almost hesitant to infiltrate his territory. Yet, there were a few, who rushed forward with aggression; one of them being, Casey Cochran. Janik could sense the sixty-six machine in his rearview, yet never managed to look over his shoulder. Any sort of onlooking could increase the confidence of Cochran, therefore, Janik made sure to keep his vision on the path ahead. They would joust with one another, upping the ante with every passing circuit. However, Janik’s presentation of admirable race-craft would bestow him as the winner; leaving Cochran second, with Ivan Aldama, third. The other half of the equation was then portrayed for the crowd to view. Haiden Deegan, taking full advantage of the Supermini chassis, would decimate every sector of the layout aboard his KTM. His number thirty-eight front number plate, wouldn’t accrue an ounce of roost, while Collin Allen proceeded to chase him from behind. The top two would remain intact, as such, with Carson Eads finishing strong in third. Once gate choices had been decided, an outpouring of aggression would spill onto the raceway, via the main event. Pushing to the front, was none other than Casey Cochran; as he realized, time was of the essence. He was thriving, landing in each transition with a plethora of throttle and rhythmic timing; all the while being pursued, by Krystian Janik and Haiden Deegan. Both Janik and Deegan were creative in their ways to overcome the sixty-six, but neither was successful in forcing him to evade. Cochran would do what was necessary throughout seven laps, pushing feverishly to an immaculate race win! With the championship in his arms, he would see none other than Janik (second), and Deegan (third), joining him on the podium.