2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



The median between 30 and 40, the 35+ class was an outing where former professionals, weekend warriors, and everyone in between, would congregate with one goal in mind; securing the title, and enjoying their Thanksgiving Holiday. And what better way than to celebrate it, with a common passion in mind? The subject matter of motorcycle racing would bring this group together, and at last, matters would be unveiled for the likes of the first moto. Categorized under a five-lap banner (for this time, at least) everyone understood the dyer importance of a strong start. Paul Perebijnos, was “light’s out” with his technique if you will. Adequate clutch and throttle release, all the while shifting with precision, would equate him to the lead as they unraveled lap one. Brad Smith though, was just behind, watching his every move. Hitting numerous inside rollers, the number 125 machine would attempt to create a blockade of sorts, regarding Smith’s aspirations of venturing forward. His winning defense mechanism would hold strong, until lap four. A slight deviation in Perebijnos’ persistent path would allow Smith to work his way around, as the number 185 overtook control of the field. Diligently, the two continued to push until forced to exit the racetrack. The final registry would list Smith first, Perebijnos just behind, and California’s Michael Carter, concluding the top three platform. Following the conclusion of the moto, the track would undergo a few changes, with a touch-up (or two) from the dozer and accompanying box blade. Faces were reshaped, and ruts were filled in, to hopefully create a rather even track surface, for challengers to exemplify their best riding aptitude. That hope would come to fruition, as Brad Smith took an early race lead for the runoff. He presented his fastest circuit time, on lap number two; forcing Paul Perebijnos to adjust and counter, while scouring the course for a set of newfound pathways. Yet, it was as though Smith had the puzzle completed, “checking” each of Paul’s moves as they battled over the lead. Winning just wasn’t enough for that of Smith; as he yearned, to have a rather hefty gap at the finish line if possible. Growing exponentially, the width between he and his fellow counterparts would expand to over seven-seconds, before crossing the final stripe. Smith again, was classified as champion. Perebijnos, nestled into the bracket behind, with Oklahoma’s Robbie Smith venturing splendidly into third.