2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



When creating the blueprint for this particular SX circuit, the architects of Gatorback Cycle Park aspired to create a challenging, yet safe racecourse for riders of all skill levels. From the 50cc machines, to that of A-class competition, and everything in between; they attempted, to acquire everyone's best interest before embarking on race day. The Vet (30+) class seemed to enjoy the entirety of the circuit, surging with spectacular lap-times, while displaying a sense of style that rivaled numerous members of the younger racing body. Just because these guys were thirty and older, didn’t mean they couldn’t scrub, whip, or wheel-tap; and in all honesty, it was quite the contrary. As many of these riders were apart of the era in which newfound movements were made! Anyhow, things would move rather quickly and into moto number one...where Paul Perebijnos was broadcast as the race leader. Pushing his Kawasaki around the race track, his acquired California technique was something to be noted as he powered around the slick base of the Gatorback stomping ground. Lugging the bike in second gear, only a subtle feathering of the clutch was warranted at times. Meanwhile, both Robbie and Brad Smith, were doing everything in their power to overtake him. Berms began to break and blow out, leaving many in the field fighting over the most peculiar of inside ruts. Yet, Perebijnos never winced, keeping the lead within his reign throughout five laps. The top three were within the same second of one another, nearly bumping tread in the final few corners! Sprinting toward the stripe, the final headline would read “Perebijnos, Robbie Smith, and Brad Smith,” in that order. It would be anyone’s guess as to whom would win the runoff, and only time would tell as the gate would unlatch. Brad Smith bypassed the green flag with esteem, racing with confidence while Andrew Matusek chased him down. There were a completely new set of riders fending over this particular top seed, yet the shuffling created a rather captivating performance for the crowd to view. Brad Smith continued to flow at the front of the field, tripling onto the tabletop just before the finish, seeing Matusek in the background when exiting the following right-handed corner. That sight right there, was all in which he had to see; viewing only the checkered flag on the horizon, superbly taking the win. Matusek generated a second overall, with Georgia’s Dustin Jensen, riding astonishingly, just behind.