2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



With this event going on for decades now, riders in the (40+) division were well accustomed to what the Winter Olympics National had to offer. Many had traveled to this circuit in the 1990s, and a few, even racing the professional outdoor event when it came to fruition as well. Therefore, you could expect them to master the SX course (although strenuous) with relative ease. Most of these participants were aboard 450cc machines, and as they clicked their transmission into gear, an overwhelming roar would embody the starting area. All at once, clutches would release, and the field dispersed amongst the plethora of corners, bar-banging with recklessness and fury. Just because these riders were a bit, “Seasoned,” in comparison to the younger counterparts, didn’t alleviate them from being aggressive in the slightest. Instead, we saw some of the most aggressive action of the week, taking place as the moto(s) unfolded. Robert Fitch, pushed his way to the lead as timing and scoring registered his name and number. Flowing around a combination of outside lines, the way he could accrue speed and maintain it, was certainly tremendous. John Grewe, the well-known combatant from Michigan, would then quarrel with Barry Carsten; the two exchanging combinations, while the silver medal slot was up for grabs. Fitch paid no attention to what was going on behind him, instead, looking just ahead of the front fender at upcoming grooves and ruts that littered the course. Holding strong with the lead, he would do what was necessary to attain the racing relic of victory. Grewe would fend off Carsten, for second, as everyone eyed the second moto (runoff), with tons of anticipation. Hours later, they formed at the center; taking their positions from their previous enacted scores. The number seventy of Grewe, hit the ground running; flying high through the initial circuits, fending off Robert Fitch with all of his might. He tried with fluidity and immense effort to deter the number 135, but Fitch had his mind made up; determined to take over the lead, he was then situated in first by the time lap three arose. Grewe and Carsten then resumed their match from the first moto; nearly entangled on multiple occasions. Bypassing the flag once and for all though, was Robert Fitch, walking to the podium with smiles and enthusiasm. Grewe channeled second, and Carsten, hoisting the bronze.