2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



The thing about most of the “Vet” classes, is that these competitors are soundly familiar with one another. It’s not as though, they just began their racing career(s) and are venturing to the national circuit for the first time. Names like Grewe, Mike Treadwell, and Earl May were staggered on the line; creating a conundrum of sorts, as the gate would fall for moto number one. A rather brief sprint, by all accounts (five laps), forced competitors to plunge headfirst into the fray, holding nothing back before exiting the layout. Hitting jumps two and three wide, they had to be careful; in the sense of cross-jumping and coming into one another at disadvantageous times, creating a disastrous mess on the circuit. Luckily, mostly everyone stayed upright; although Barry Carsten, would falter from third, to eighteenth. John Grewe continued to chip away, adding a bit more cushion to his lead with every passing circuit. Mike Treadwell, forced his way into second rather quickly, forcing Joe Buskirk to third. Grewe would end up taking the victory, no questions asked; while the aforementioned pack trailed him. Following the heat race, many in the class would head to their pit area to make slight adjustments. Everything from tire pressure, to fuel tanks, and even clutch plates would be addressed in the meantime, all in preparation for the main event looming in the distance. In the latter hours, the horn would sound for the field to amass. One by one, they slid into their respective slot; waiting, for an opportunity to burst forward. John Grewe, immediately dove to the inside; pinching riders like Greg Pamart and Barry Carsten behind him. For the first few laps, Grewe continued to arc through a multitude of turns; nearly clipping the furthest inside marker, in an attempt to deter those who trailed. Lap five would come to fruition, and this is where John Grewe “put the hammer down” per se, carving out the fastest segment of all. This was the final “seam," to seal the deal if you will. No-one behind could crack the code, as the riddle of Grewe’s illustrious ways couldn’t be tackled. Taking the win in a stellar manner, it would be Greg Pamart and Barry Carsten following just behind. Nodding to one another as they left the protest area, they knew their rivalry would be prolonged well into the future; battling amongst themselves, and leaving one hundred percent effort on the track.