2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



With the atmosphere of racing changing day in and day out, it was only fitting to run the Mini-E (4-8) class at this year’s Winter Olympic event. Throughout the past few decades, the sport has transitioned tremendously, and for 2020, the notion was no different. This Mini-E division, offered young competitors of the sport a place for a newfound challenge while racing on the platform of the notorious Winter Olympic proving grounds. With well over twenty competitors in the class, the field would be packed with talent from numerous states across the country. Everyone on the line wanted to make their trip to Gainesville worthwhile, and it was apparent with the racing action that was constructed on the track. Kade Nightingale would put on an exceptional effort for the first few laps, with Gavin McCoy and Cory Holmes following very closely. Tabletops would be cleared, along with tremendous doubles that were scattered around the circuit. These machines were going full-throttle, and clearing obstacles that were simply mind-boggling. The four-lap spread would offer plenty of high-flying action, yet the top three would remain pretty similar throughout the roughly seven-minute quest. And although this was simply a heat race, Nightingale still exemplified immense and courage and effort, as always. Taking the victory, after leading every lap in the process, he would be followed by Gavin McCoy, Cory Holmes, Levi Leddy, and James Gleason rounding out the top five. Following the divisional run, all would head back to their pit area, to readjust and reassess where to go from that point forward. Once mental rehearsals had concluded, and plans had been made, the twenty-three riders would line up one more time, looking to settle the score with finality. As heads bowed in unison, the power of these motorcycles would be unleashed as the pin unlatched. Scraping shrouds and clashing foot-pegs, everyone had to be careful to not show too much aggression, too soon. As through this five-lap brigade, several things could occur. Gavin McCoy, during the midst of all this, remained upright and focused on the task at hand. Each circuit, he pictured himself chipping away at the championship, stacking up circuits with might and enthusiasm. One circuit remained, and although James Gleason and Cory Holmes were riding splendidly just behind, it appeared to be McCoy’s championship for the taking. Hoisting the number one plate, McCoy most certainly had made a memory for a lifetime, when winning this Mini-E class.