2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Year after year, the Schoolboy 2 class was a platform where “the stars of tomorrow” could be chosen from. This outing conjoined with the intermediate divisions, offering team owner’s a myriad of sequences in which to view a racer with immense detail. With well over forty riders in the field, practice would be an overflow of athletes attempting to lay down their fastest laps. And although hazards arose, the vast majority would make it to the gate relatively unscathed. For heat number one, it would be a Kawasaki assailant blitzing past the stripe carrying the torch, attempting to blaze a trail that no-one in the field could extinguish. Gavin Towers, then would barrel into the left-handed turn just past the mechanic’s area, hitting the brakes at the last possible second. Kyle Smith, Nick Romano, and Gage Linville picked up on that notion, following the fifteen through the trail of harsh ruts and jagged braking bumps. The Pennsylvanian appeared to have the win sealed, yet Gage Linville thought otherwise. Flying well into the top three, the number 402 would stalk Towers just beyond the halfway point. He continued to seek a window of opportunity, hounding the leader and frustrating him with blatant revving. Finally, on lap five, the door would be open; letting Linville sweep through, to take the lead with a declaration. Winning the heat race, momentum would swing his way, while Towers finished second, and Nick Romano, rounding out the top three. For the second division, it was California’s Talon Hawkins throwing caution to the wind immediately. Launching over multiple triple jumps, the way he could scrub the Husqvarna beneath him was truly jaw-dropping. Storming into the right-handed corner before the finish, he managed to catch the inside groove time and time again. He knew that Crockett Myers (second) would put forth an astonishing effort, therefore he had to expend all of his energy to matters in the forefront. Leading all six laps, Hawkins garnered an outright win, with Myers finishing in the runner-up category, and Nate Mason standing tall in third. As the main event commenced, Yamaha’s Nick Romano desired to win decisively; and by all accounts, had the speed to do so. Yet, there was one particular opponent who was having nothing of the sort, looking to tackle the New York native’s esteem, with an overwhelming sense of aggression. It was Linville again, knocking at the door with a pounding “thud,” exclaiming his presence as lap number three concluded. Gage, then, couldn’t wait any longer; seeing a slight crevice in a large, left-turning berm(ed) corner. Pushing Romano wide, the number 402 then sprinted to the checkered, claiming the win in style! With Linville astounded in victory lane, both Romano and Towers, would finish just behind.