2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



The majority of athletes in this particular division were just beginning to translate their efforts from the Supermini machine to the 125...making for an absolute spectacle as practice came underway. Toggling between different options, Evan Ferry was apparent with both speed and style, throwing the bike around every which way as he barreled into the final right-hander. Names like Shelly, Best, among countless others, could be labeled as preconceived favorites before the gate loading for heat number one. As the seconds began to wind down, attention would be focused toward the starting area, where the first battalion assembled and attempted to aim...it would be Myles Gilmore holding strong at the front of the field. Consecutive laps while leading, would create a spike in confidence that couldn’t be tamed. While Trevin Nelson, rode strongly just outside the top three, it was Haiden Deegan looking to steal the aspirations away from all. His integrity and fighting spirit aboard the KTM, were unrivaled, tripling on numerous occasions throughout the SX circuit. He saw an opportunistic place to pass, just before the checkered flag, going “all-in” regarding his competition with Gilmore. The move, although daring, would be made with certainty. Deegan grasped victory with a fierce clench, while Gilmore tallied second, and Trevin Nelson, third. And as that particular segment rode away from the track, division number two came to the forefront. Evan Ferry wasted zero effort in putting his machine to the lead, bursting forward over Bryce Shelly and Noah Smerdon. He appeared to be the “lone wolf” for the Husqvarna brand, although the alpha of the pack, no doubt. Lap after lap, Ferry was composed with his technique, putting the bike into specific placements around the circuit that few others could manage. Winning without question, this particular running order would be listed as Ferry, Shelly, and Smerdon. Now that both entities had come together, it was anyone’s guess who would be the main event leader as the opening flag waved. The seventy-five machine pushed forward with a burst of energy on lap two, to overtake the newcomer of Deegan. These two would mirror one another, crafting similar lines with an adjacent mindset as well. Running in this sequence well beyond the halfway point, it looked as though the finishing order would conclude in that manner, too. Leading eight laps in the process, Ferry would be ecstatic as he landed from the finish-line jump; giving a thumbs-up to Haiden Deegan (second), and Bryce Shelly, third.