2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Although their age bracket, doesn’t necessarily correlate with the “high-flying” action of Supercross, the men of the Masters (50+) division were most definitely capable of conquering the course for the Winter Olympics championship. Competitors traveled from all over, casting their bid to win a lucrative title at this prestigious event, captivating the audience with their immense aggression from the moment their tires hit the racing canvas. For the first moto of the week, it would be Michigan’s John Grewe leading the field around. Grewe, suffering a setback early in the summer, hadn’t raced since June! Yet, he found a sense of familiarity when leading the field around, blazing an open frontier that hadn’t been claimed by any member of the opposition. Mike Treadwell, the hard-charger from Connecticut, presented a solid pace aboard his number nine KTM machine; bruising both fork and shock mechanisms, as he drove the chassis hard into the ground. Barry Carsten, the former professional from New Jersey, stood strong in third, bringing light to the Suzuki manufacturer in which he’s always competed on. Each member of the top three stood tall in their standing, pacing each other, yet striving toward lowering their lap-time in the process. Grewe would continue to thrive, hitting his marks with esteem and confidence, even occasionally throwing a “scrub or two” every which way. Leading the entirety of the five-lap quest, John took the win with an exclamation; pushing Mike Treadwell and Barry Carsten, to second and third. And to be noted, none other than Troy Assemany and Earl May concluded the race in fourth and fifth. A brief while would pass before the second moto was initiated, and many in the industry were puzzled on who to choose for the overall winner. It truly was anyone’s race at this point, as the Supercross format eliminated the standing of the first moto all together; merely racing for gate choice. Nevertheless, Grewe again would blister to an astounding hole-shot, letting the field situate themselves in the background. Carsten, crafting a series of astounding lines in second, would feel a flow that pushed him ahead of Mike Treadwell. Earl May, with a bit better start than the opening sequence, rode solidly in forth, with Gaylon Dickson rounding out the top five. All would be trailing the number seventy though, as the Michigan native appeared to adapt to the hard-packed Floridian terrain as if it were second nature. Putting a stamp on the (50+) as a whole, Grewe added another championship to his already significant accumulation of accolades.