2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Watching from afar, riders in this division would scan the “SX” circuit on a brief track walk before action commencing for the 2020 event at Gatorback. Even the smallest of details, such as rocks, kickers, and even the grade of take-off ramps, would be magnified by the best in the class. Each sector of this layout offered a bit of challenge, putting even the strongest riders on heightened alert as they tried to push both mind and body to the limit. Practice, was a platform for riders to attempt a multitude of lines; doing their best, to weave a winning combination, before the first moto starting. As gate picks were signified, riders would slide into their respective battle stations ready to aim for the finish. Zeroing-in through his scope was none other than Casey Cochran; a young man accustomed to being the predator, looking to devour the track beneath him. Obliterating the green flag circuit, Cochran was showing tremendous speed through every area. The tightest of chicanes, and the most wide-open corners, would be platforms of portrayal where Casey could let the 85cc machine “feast." He would lead four laps before a problematic mishap would force him to “DNF," while Agustin Barreneche bolted away with the lead. Finishing strong in the first place position, Carter Malcolm tallied second, with Pepperd concluding the bout in third. Efforts would transcend into the second moto, where the sixty-six machine acted mercilessly while blitzing through every portion of the circuit. Berms were obliterated, as he acted on the notion of chasing lap-times, rather than anyone else in the field. Ushered along by his mechanic, each lap he sensed his lead heightening...although Thomas Wood was running rampant in the middle portion of the circuit. Wood, running the fastest circuit segment of the moto, would storm through the crowd from seventh place, into second (over Gavin Betts), just before the white flag. However, cemented into the lead, Cochran never wavered. Even as the laps began to accumulate, his stamina wouldn’t lapse, zeroing-in on the checkered flag at the finish line. Declared as the overall victor, Cochran and crew couldn’t have been more excited about their effort and performance. Meanwhile Thomas Wood would make the trip worthwhile in second, and Gavin Betts, would ride exceptionally well in third. Each member of the aforementioned trio was congratulatory and respectful in their efforts as well.