2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Although not quite the “stadium-esque” layout many of these (25+) riders had experienced in the past, their Supercross aptitude translated well to the course here in Gainesville, Florida. Racers like Brandon Scharer, Heath Harrison, among countless others, had all spent their fair share of time on the AMA professional Supercross circuit. Yet for 2020, things had come full circle; where many rekindled memories of their youth, lining up behind the gate at Gatorback Cycle Park. With over thirty entries, the starting line was nearly full of star-studded counterparts, all vying to make an aggressive charge toward the checkered flag. As the board would go sideways, the attention of all radiated toward turn number one. It was Brandon Scharer looking to make move(s) initially, as Brad Smith would be the competitor to capture the hole-shot. Heath Harrison meanwhile, was entangled in a strenuous battle with Paul Perebijnos, the two jousting back and forth. Tripling through the double-double section, as the field neared the finish line, the pace in which Scharer enacted was substantial. Once moving around Smith, it was as though he found the flow that was cast at Loretta Lynn’s; a race in which he had won, this past August. With Brandon now in front, Smith was forced to generate a strong enough run to fend off the likes of Harrison, Perebijnos, and James Roberts (fifth). All were eyeing the number seventy-three Yamaha out front, but the gap nonetheless, continued to heighten as they sprinted toward lap five. Once the white flag was thrown, Scharer understood what needed to be accomplished, for him to clench the overall championship. Holding strong on the final circuit, it would be the South Carolina resident (via California), followed by Smith, and Harrison, respectively. They then navigated back to their pit area, as time would lapse, and they assembled their belongings for the second moto. Migrating toward the starting area shortly thereafter, the gate would fall again for the finale. Pushing past the green flag, was that of Brad Smith. The Kawasaki rider seemed to be acing his starting technique, allow him to prevail on a rather clear track with zero obligation in front of him. However, the man on the move was Brandon Scharer, who only had to topple Heath Harrison (second) before making his way into the lead. The Californian was rushing to the front, seat-hopping as many obstacles as possible with a forward trajectory. Second, soon became first, with an opportunity to work around Brad Smith. The door would open on lap four, with Scharer never thinking twice about bursting through it. The Yamaha was sleek in its pathways, forcing Smith into second, while Scharer would win another championship; adding to an already spectacular, 2020 season.