2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Although universities across the country were on a brief pause of sorts (for Thanksgiving break), those in the Collegeboy division lapsed absolutely no time, regarding their pursuit of a championship in Gainesville, Florida. These competitors yearned to receive valedictorian honors, studying tremendously in the weeks leading up to the event, to ace the final exam. Under the sign-in sheet, read names such as Cole Bradford, Luke Kalaitzian, and Trevor Schmidt. Channeled into two respective groups, Florida’s own Cole Bradford assumed his role in third place position as they bypassed the green flag. Justin Cokinos was the race leader at this point, with Schmidt second. However, Bradford was the man on the move, throwing down the fastest circuit time of the moto, on lap four. And with a presentation of speed such as the noted, Cokinos and Schmidt had no choice but to oblige and relinquish the lead to the twenty-seven machine. The top three would reside in that order throughout six laps, leaving Bradford as the stand-alone race winner as the race concluded. Cokinos did enough to manage second, while Trevor Schmidt tallied a strong showing in third. For the second portion of heat race action, it was Sun Valley, California’s Luke Kalaitizan storming to an early holeshot and lead. The number thirty-six made his name known at the Loretta Lynn’s Championship earlier this year and continued to demonstrate that same sort of tenacious style while on the SX circuit here in Gainesville. And although he felt comfortable in the lead, he had no choice but to press on, with the likes of Eddie Norred Jr. and Orion Gregory behind. The three were inseparable, especially as the white flag was thrown for the field to see. But Luke had exemplified a dominant showing, running strong with victory, while Norred and Gregory concluded the top three. The main event was next to arise, and Kalaitzian again took control of the field as captain, if you will. Coordinating how the race developed, everyone appeared to magnify the radar placed upon his back. Yet, no-one, not even Timmy Crosby in second, could force the Honda machine off the desired path. Trevor Schmidt too would do all in his power to rattle the thirty-six machine, but it was to no avail. Kalaitzian would lead every lap of the contest, the addition of a championship bringing a sense of gratification to him and the team.