2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Decades ago, this 85cc (9-13) class was offered at races like Loretta Lynn’s, where a multitude of successful racers chose to compete. Names like Millsaps, Stewart, and the Alessi Brothers, all stepped foot into these particular boundaries, knowing that a title in this division could bolster them into the top-tier territory. All of the aforementioned would go on, racing to extremely gratifying careers; while the agenda in 2020, is much the same. Except at this point, names like Agustin Barreneche, Canyon Richards, and Kade Johnson were on the list of potential future stars. Broken into two halves, it was Barreneche looking to sweep the field off their feet as heat number one was underway. Many on the track were riding a bit too aggressively, with subsequent yellow flags being thrown as a result. However, for Agustin, and his duty of getting out front, there were little to no worries on just he would manage the chaos that lurked behind him. Scrubbing the finish-line with a vicious flick to the left, he would barrel into the following corner with his inside foot hovering just above the ground. The throttle was pegged, and the 85cc machine would be screaming to the top of third gear. To the delight of his mechanic, he would usher the prominent prospect around, telling him to rally forward until hitting the checkered flag. There was no question, as to whom was the race winner; with Barreneche garnering first, Kade Johnson racing exceptionally well for second, and Reece Wheaton exemplifying extraordinary charisma for third. The second showcase would put the 316 machine of Canyon Richards to the front of the field. You couldn’t mistake his riding style, as his roots of the New Jersey sand, allowed him to place the machine wherever he wanted to. Flowing with a graceful style, he managed to pull away from Seth Dennis as the white flag was cast. While Thomas Wood, pushed his KTM machine to an immaculate third. With the highest of stakes on the line, Barreneche would walk to the line with serious intent and a business-like demeanor. Once the gate fell, there was no mistaking as to who was behind him...none other than the likes of Landin Pepperd, Seth Dennis, and Thomas Wood. Each member of the top four was riding to the absolute max capacity, no-one budging in the slightest. Yet Barreneche found a rather smooth flow on the backside of the circuit; enough to pull from Pepperd, when it mattered most. Separated by less than a second, it truly was anyone’s race as the checkered flag waved in the distance. Barreneche would generate enough momentum to clinch the title, walking away, extremely proud of his efforts.