2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



There was no question(s), as to which riders would be feuding for the lead throughout this 51cc (7-8) Limited class. A star-studded list of competitors had pre-entered for the division, forcing the registry algorithm to split the class down the middle. Then, matters were initiated for heat race number one, a platform for two California’s, to battle amongst the summit. As the gate would fall, and the field dove into turn number one, a bit of frantic exclamation would ring-out from beneath the subframe of Henry Karvasek. The national standout was urgent in his procession to the front of the field, disregarding any sort of cautionary tale as he pummeled into the lead. All the while, Eidan Steinbrecher could be located behind in second, keeping a rather tight-grip on the rear fender of the “00” machine just ahead. The Oklahoma Sooner, that of Kade Nightingale, would fly over multiple tabletop’s, keeping the Cobra tandem just in front, in a close-eye view. The score would be settled following this brief sprint, enabling Karvasek to roll into the main event with a pristine “number-one” finish, with Steinbrecher securing the silver medal slot, and Nightingale, on the final step of the box. Shortly thereafter, as the race program would fire-off instantaneously, heat number two would come to fruition. Gravitating toward the front immediately, was that of Brayton Kreglow. A native of Florida in his own right, Kreglow knew the soil composition rather well, despite practicing on a sandier base, near his residency in Panama City. But with the way the young man was riding in the lead, it wouldn’t have mattered if the track was pure asphalt; as he would find a way to excel and trek away from the crowd behind him. Doing so, it would be Sawyer Gieck, and Cohen Chilton, riding splendidly, to conclude matters before the main event departure. The field of thirty-eight would swarm into the close-knit quarters of turn number one, an assortment of brands being horizontally scattered across the circuit. It was anyone’s race to grab per se, while they beelined to the green flag. Karvasek, doubling every jump in sight, would manhandle the Cobra chassis ahead of Sawyer Gieck and Eidan Steinbrecher. The three, although narrowly spaced, were riding in realms of their own; focused on the frame beneath them, rather than any outside factor(s). The trend of confidence would fare well for the previously noted, especially Karvasek. The “00” machine would aspire to be champion, and the wish would come true. Keeping his persona as truly elite, while thanking his sponsors atop the podium.