2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Although not typically accustomed to the “SX” racing format and circuitry, the riders of the 51cc (4-8) Limited class seemed rather comfortable on the strenuous layout once all had concluded. With a myriad of doubles and triples placed all around the premises, a rather key factor in separation was one’s ability to clear the daunting obstacles. Hopping around the track throughout qualification, Bode Bradford, Camden Scoggin, and Eidan Steinbrecher, were just a few of the names that caught the eye of those on the fence-line. And again, with a slate of multiple entries, it was anyone’s guess, as to whom would emerge, victor, as the checkered flag would wave. For the first heat race, an absolute cluster of riders appeared at the pinnacle of the field; slicing through the rigid Florida limestone with furious integrity. The aforementioned order was present (albeit, Steinbrecher in the lead, while Kade Nightingale was added to the mix in third), making for an all-out, battle Royale looming from green to checkered flags. Up and over the largest of ant-hills before the start straight, Eidan’s lead would steadily grow in a marginalized manner, housing the first-place ride as all would cease. Scoggin and Nightingale, would conclude the top three. The following portion of racing action would have Jaydin Smart, Cohen Chilton, and Brayton Kreglow, seemingly throwing their entire array of weaponry, at the forefront of lap number one. Dodging and ducking pellets of all sizes, Smart finagled his way into the lead on lap three, never looking back. Chilton and Kreglow meanwhile, would keep him honest, residing in second and third as a result. The last round of heat-race action would entail Henry Karvasek putting the entire field on notice. He hustled around the Gatorback circuit, disregarding any commotion taking place behind him. Sawyer Gieck and Owen Shull, concluding the top-three efforts, would follow him to the protest canopy; setting up for an exciting showdown, in the main event. Karvasek would be joined by numerous other foes he hadn’t encountered, with the aforementioned three heat races taking place. Many of these riders had rather unique styles, creating a puzzle of sorts for Karvasek to decipher. Yet, with his wit and confidence aboard the Cobra, the flowing thoughts of anything other than the lead were irrelevant...and that was obvious, with his ability to hold the lead. A mainstay in the first-place position, he would fend off aggression from both Steinbrecher and Smart; showcasing strength and fearlessness, to a well-deserved title.