2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



With the age parameters of this particular division, a wide range of combatants would flock to the starting gate, on the rightful hunt for gold. Some in the division, were rather well-versed, competing on this specific layout for quite some time. However, some of the younger athletes were just beginning to dabble into manual transmission territory, anxious as one could imagine before the collapse of the gate. Riders and mechanics would stroll to the line for initial heat racing matters, one final “knuckle-bump” being displayed before the crew chief walking away. The ideology of practice was long forgotten about, as it was now time to “drop the hammer” per se, and let one’s true talent come to light in front of the entire Mini Olympic’s audience. Immediately, there were a few riders who aspired to separate themselves. Doing so, with a combination of both outright corner speed and imminent obstacle conquering, had grown the lead to seconds before the green flag is thrown. Hitting the finish line area near the first-place residency, was none other than Kannon Hargrove. The Texas native was faring well in the Floridian climate, rekindling his success from race’s prior earlier in the year. Names like Chase Andersen aspired to push him aside, but Hargrove was having nothing of the sort. Whisking the throttle when necessary, any surplus of wheel spin would be countered with a stabbing of the clutch. A precise technique, that had him soaring to the finish line; as Hargrove took the win. In the moments to follow, the second sector of the event saw Michael Cuadra leading the field around, while Jackson McCarty’s hard-fought effort was hard to contain. Austin Camden, at the same time, was en route to setting the fastest lap of the moto; coming from a distant ninth, well into the top three. With Cuadra, McCarty, and Camden finishing in that order, only the main event would loom on the horizon. As the six-lap bout was announced, the switch of aggression would be flipped within the mindset of Austin Camden. Traveling from Oklahoma, he made the trek worthwhile, immediately laying-down a plethora of astonishing times for the rest of the pack to tackle. A cloud of dust would trail him, yet it wouldn’t deter Chase Andersen from pushing forward. With Kannon Hargrove concluding the top three, Camden had little to no room for error. Yet, stood tall, creating a performance for the ages, strong enough, to attain the title!