2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage

 AUSTIN CAMDEN - 65CC (10-11)


Long gone were the days, of just the KTM and Kawasaki brands coexisting at the top of the field, regarding the 65cc divisions. Fast-forwarding some decades, for 2020, the brands of Yamaha and Husqvarna, have also put their name into the mix before the inception of the Winter Olympics national. And with the aforementioned manufacturers looking to accrue as many highlighted results as possible, the riders appeared excited to decimate the Supercross circuit which resided beneath them. For the opening moto, the track appeared to be rather well-groomed for optimal traction. Dozer scraps had generated a bit of “bite” for these 65cc machines, therefore the speeds in which they showcased were something to note. Chase Andersen and Kannon Hargrove were battling tremendously for the race lead, creating a pattern of ascension that couldn’t be blanketed. One by one, the laps would fall, yet the leaders continued to push forward. Up and over the anthill before the mechanic’s area, gears would be grabbed while the throttle arm was twisted perpendicularly. Speeds upwards to thirty “MPH,” were generated, creating a rush of wind that ricocheted into the crowd of crew chiefs. Anderson remained resilient, continuing to strike with enthusiasm as the checkered flag was cast. Hargrove took second, with Brody Barth pushing to third. It was now time for the main-course, per se, once the appetizer had been completed. Camden was set to devour the track, with a sharpened set of knobbies ready to claw this Gainesville circuit. Andersen wasn’t far behind, nearly only a tenth of a second at one point! Yet, a slight bobble would occur on his behalf, giving Camden a bit of breathing room as the laps progressed. He would still be challenged by Brody Barth, the competitor from Wisconsin who’d showcased tremendous speed all week. Camden was given a signal by those in his corner, as only a few laps stood between he and a highly touted championship. It would’ve been easy at this point in time, to fall victim to distraction. But he dug deep, thinking about the hours he’d trained in the off-season, and continued to push the envelope. One more time around, as the sixth circuit came to fruition. And Camden secured the title in the following moments, revving the bike to a high degree as he sprinted across the finish line. With Barth and Caden Dudney rounding out the top three, everyone in this class truly showcased the heart and desire of a champion; leading, to a spectacular show for the crowd to view.