2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



The vast sea of blue would fill the gates for this particular 50cc division, where competitors were chomping at the bit to begin matters for the week. The track appeared primed and ready, as tractors would till the start straight in a consecutive manner. These aforementioned machines (s), were fighting for every ounce of power they could muster as they bolstered toward the green flag; the referee indicating that athletes were warranted, to race at their desired pace. This SX circuit, offered various opportunities for passes to be made, including multiple inside-outside combinations that had the field dispersing respectively. With names like Anderson Waldele being preconceived favorites, the field understood that a strong opening sequence would be critical in their placement on the overall results board. Running a three-moto format, the equation to a championship in this class, would be synonymous with the idea of consistency. Waldele would enact that, beginning with a tremendous effort in his heat race. Riders from across the country were behind, trailing him, but keeping him honest. Many in his shoes, would crumble under pressure. Yet, the strong-hearted mentality of the Georgia native, prevailed against the opposition. For the second portion of festivities, all would merge to the start line, itching to reach the first corner in the lead. Again, Waldele would be a force to be reckoned with; while Levi Leddy kept him honest in the background. Brentlee Latimer was excelling as well, causing a wave of RPM to ripple into the crowd. Yet, despite the commotion that Waldele could sense behind him, he kept the 674 machine charging hard as the clock winded down. Again, garnering an outright victory, things were looking positive for the third portion of action. Anderson aspired to sweep the field, as nothing would accompany this Thanksgiving Holiday more than a trio of one’s, across the statistics sheet. Yet, Latimer and Devilbiss had other ideas, storming after Waldele in the lead. Waldele made sure to ride several inside lines, keeping the main pathway contained from the vicious competition behind. His elbows were wide, and the inside leg would be held just above the ground. Perfect technique, on a deteriorating track. The white flag was then thrown, and if Waldele could just hold on, he would be bestowed as winner before the class concluding. The final turn(s) came, and he stood tall; doing the necessary tasks, to be listed as champion!