2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Following a trail of success to the finish line, this particular casting of athletes were eager in their search for the smoothest lines on the circuit. This event had been full of attendees, creating a monstrous track full of bumps, holes, and ruts alike. It truly was, the survival of the fittest, with each member of the 450 C division staying on their highest level of focus, throughout the overall championship. Starting sequences would be critical as the week progressed, with lines slowly fading from inside-out. Especially in the latter-afternoon motos, with shadows forming throughout the Floridian Valley, could the expertise of these riders wit be tested. They had to remain sharp, as otherwise, not only could a loss of positions ensue, but a subsequent crash to the ground could occur as well. Neither was desired, as race-leaders focused on the task at hand. Numerous singles were launched, while others scrubbed with sheer force; foot-pegs, carving into the hardening Floridian soil. Surprisingly though, there was quite the traction in numerous corners; in particular, the 180-degree bends that had inside grooves entrenched. Logan Edwards, the leader of the first heat, would slide his way around the Floridian circuit with a combination of rear brake and clutch feathering. Dragging the knobbie(s) of the tire into the bit of cushion on the outside, his ability to exit corners with speed would outlast him over that of Andrew Hutchins in second. Moments later, the other sector of the field-aligned behind the steel brackets; itching with anxiousness, for the gate to fall to the ground. It was none other than Robert Hailey pushing to the front of the back, forcing those behind him to rise to the occasion. The back-end of the motorcycle would swap slightly back and forth, yet his twisting of the throttle would straighten the locomotive as he proceeded by the mechanic’s area. Repetitively doing this, gave him an adequate gap as he crossed the finish line with confidence. That mentality, translated into the main event; where Hailey’s presence, quieted the aspirations of those who opposed it. It was as though he was a step ahead, scurrying away throughout the assortment of doubles and triples on the circuit. Jacob Henry, second, would tirelessly attempt to move past the 291 machine; yet Hailey, had already created a swift, logistical plan to secure the championship at the finish line. Arguably the most dominant rider at the Winter Olympics, Hailey would be all smiles when standing atop the podium.