2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



With timing and scoring monitoring every move these 450 Pro Sport riders enacted, the graph(s) of each individual were desired, to be something of linear fashion. A projected straight line to the top of the podium, was a matter that was desired by all; including the likes of Jack Chambers, Levi Kitchen, and Cullin Park. Each rider felt as though they had the power to dismiss the projection of others around them, forecasting their rise to the top with confidence as they sat on the starting line. Armed from head to toe in protective gear, their respective battalion was indicative of the fierce wave of fury that proceeded to ensue. Competitors were running at an “all-out” pace, dismissing the idea of “saving energy,” although the laps were longer than most championships. Under the watchful industry eye, every move would be magnified, and an outpouring of attrition would have to be crafted to secure victory at the final stripe. Initially, riders like Kaeden Amerine appeared to be the fastest of the field. The Honda of Cullin Park trailed him, as the two were rather close while pinning their machines around this SX layout. They had to be careful, as any sort of “over-aggression” could lead to a subsequent crash and lackluster gate choice. And the aforementioned would occur, to the sprinting Levi Kitchen. Kitchen, entering the topic of conversation via a fourth-place result, would suffer a serious mistake on the final circuit, pushing him to outside the top ten. But it was Amerine, focusing on the task at hand, holding onto a strong victory over both Cullin Park and Slade Smith. A clean slate would be provided for the competitors of the field in the main event, and Levi Kitchen took full advantage of it. Forgotten, was his disastrous heat race episode; and instead, replaced with an open frontier, plunging away into the twelve-lap quest. Amerine would follow in the background, mimicking many of the lines in which Kitchen presented while keeping a constant twist on the throttle. He couldn’t hesitate in the slightest, as Brandon Scharer would be one of the strongest riders on the circuit, working his way forward with aggression and esteem. But Kitchen, leading well beyond the halfway point, was seemingly touted for the win. He had this circuit dialed, memorizing each portion of the layout with continuous repetition. Bypassing timing and scoring with one final move, Kitchen concluded this Supercross portion of the event, stamping his notion with an everlasting victorious demeanor.