2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



A class of raw talent and newfound national embarking would be displayed in the 450 C Limited category. An equal playing field if you will, the crowd that surrounded the racing premises was certainly daunting; rattling a few of those on the line. However, some basked in the limelight, waiting for attention to draw near as they revved their motorcycles to the highest extent. This event was pivotal, in the sense, of setting the tone for 2021. Who could end this lucrative year on a high note? Which rider in the field could power into the new year with momentum, concluding the fall season on the top step of the podium? The laps thereafter would be a tale of the tape, with exceptional craft being displayed by all. Although declared a novice division, the bike skills of these 450 riders were truly impeccable; with wheel-taps and a carving of lines happening seemingly time and time again. A few yellow flags would be thrown, indicating cautionary tale to the riders in the back. However, for those out front, only a portion of minutes separated them from their current standing and the platform that was heavily desired. As the field would unravel for the likes of moto number one, it was Jacob Henry looking rather strong, and free-flowing aboard his KTM machine. The chassis of the motorcycle would oblige to his dictatorship, as he forced the wheel-set into peculiar grooves in numerous corners. The ruts were beginning to thicken, more so though, exiting the corner; due to the blatant twisting of the throttle, that most enacted. He managed to stay focused when navigating each ravine, prevailing at the final flag ahead of Brayden Gibson and Avery Bryant. Hours later, the referee would address the field as they were called to their respective gates; Jacob Henry’s solemn expression beneath the helmet, indicating just how serious he was taking this matter. That emotion would translate into a well-received first lap, where he arguably broke away from the field, forcing many to fade away. His mechanic would reiterate to him, “Keep moving forward,” despite the checkered becoming closer and closer. Gabriel Goettler yearned to put his Yamaha in front, but it was to no avail. With Avery Bryant housed in third, the race lead would be secured by none other than Henry, as he jumped the final obstacle. Excited about his most recent accomplishment, the 515 machine embodied the entirety of the situation; hoping to rekindle it again, in the days to come.