2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



One final stop, before venturing into the “A” classes in the months to come, would be categorized as the 450 “B” Limited division. Linville, Biese, Marsalisi...the list went on and on, as numerous members of the field could contend for victory if the stars would align. It had been quite some time since the last race on the national circuit, with the MotoPlayground event in Ponca City playing host to the nation’s best this past October. However, the training regimen’s of all couldn’t be hid or dismissed, when the Winter Olympic’s Championship rose to fruition. A contrast of tire selection would be presented by the field in its entirety, mechanics pondering on whether to run a more intermediate compound or lean in the direction of the sand(y) grid. The decision was made in finality before the commencement of the first moto, where the referee stood tall along the starting line, belting names with a declaration to walk forward. It was anyone’s “ball-game” at this point, but the laps to come would be the platform where the strongest would emerge...Racing in a rabid manner would be none other than Gage Linville, the Georgia resident who was simply on fire throughout the week. He immediately cast a cloud of certainty over the SX course, almost as if he were demanding the obstacles abide to his skillset, rather than the other way around. Bursting through the small rhythm lane just past the mechanic’s area, each lap, he would duck the chassis to the inside at the last possible second. Although just a small display of technique, matters of that regard would multiply over time. Taking the victory, his attention would then turn to heat two, where Luca Marsalisi tossed his name into the realm of legitimate contenders. Flocking to the South, from his native Danbury, Connecticut, he made the stay in Gainesville well worthwhile...leading every portion of this seven-lap expenditure before the checkered flag was thrown. All qualification at this point, had concluded; leaving only the main event, to be configured. Marsalisi would then execute his start with perfection, pushing the front-end of his motorcycle well ahead of those who opposed him. All appeared to be well until an unfortunate mistake would cast him outside the top thirty. Gage Linville, Orion Gregory, and Eddie Norred Jr. would then migrate to the top three; where an array of shuffling would ensue. It was Linville though, outlasting the aforementioned counterparts, pushing his way to yet another noteworthy championship run! Leading the last five laps of the moto, Gage would exhale with confidence as he crossed the finish line.