2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



In the early morning hours, tractors and dozers alike could be seen moving soil around the respective raceway. These architect(s), had manifested a dream-like racecourse on the grounds of the Gatorback Facility, providing riders with an abundant platform to showcase their race craft. Tearoff’s would be stacked, and gas tanks were filled, before the commencement of the first moto’s; where everyone understood what was at stake, for overall title implications. A sound first moto score, would not only provide an optimum numeral in the championship scheme but also, a gate choice of high-regard for the runoff’s to come. And with the speed possessed by some of these racers, every second on the racetrack was critical in securing a solid overall sanctioning. In a matter of moments, the riders on the line were thrust from “0 to 100” beelining down the start straightaway and through the opening sections. Hard to be contained, few could rattle the likes of Jacob Henry in heat number one. Henry was riding sensationally as the quest began, with numerous behind him trying to stop his forward momentum. It was to no avail, as the number 515 would set a crisp one-minute, five-second lap time on circuit number three. Brayden Gibson trailed, along with Seth Henry just behind. All were hoping to overcome the monstrous presence at the head of the field, yet, were forced to oblige to the New York native. Peyton Crisp took matters into his own hands to begin the second heat, an illustrious start sequence being broadcast in front of the rest of the field. Robert Hailey though, as the event had come to notice, was on his move; looking to infiltrate the lead residency by the time the checkered flag flew. He would do so, with Brett Heidorn second, and Peyton Crisp, concluding the moto in third. The runoff was a platform categorized into seven specific sequences; and Robert Hailey, yearned to lead them all. His vision was clear as he rounded the first turn, putting a significant gap between him and others before they took the green flag. Wherever he went, he seemed to flourish; no matter what type of lap traffic stood in his way. Steadfast with confidence, and poised with immense sprint mechanics, he proceeded to lead all seven laps, before hitting the podium with a bottle of champagne and thanking those in his corner.