2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Looking through the roster as practice began for this particular November week, many names in this class were rather newfound on the amateur circuit. Some would partake in this outing as their “final casting” per se, moving onto the intermediate ranks for the likes of 2021. On the other hand, though, there were racers who were now jumping headfirst onto the national circuit; swimming through a sea of rabid waves as they trekked toward the checkered flag. Numerous outcomes could be presented and dreamt of before the inception of the first heat race(s), yet riders on the starting line appeared to be rather stoic and focused on the task at hand. Understanding that the race could be won in a matter of the first twenty feet, all on their machines were honed-in to the soil on the start straightaway. Proceeding to relinquish both clutch and throttle in a simultaneous snap, racers transitioned to the rear of their motorcycle, attempting to generate as much RPM as possible over the surrounding foe that looked to deter them. Looking to blitz past the green flag with dyer intent, names such as Logan Edwards, Colin Dellarco, and Brayden Ehlermann crafted notable performances time and time again. The top three would remain as follows, although a bit of bar-banging would ensue; pushing a sense of wayward momentum, into the main event. Next on the menu of races “to do,” was the second heat listing; where Dominic Butscher stormed away to a dominant victory. Jack Neronha and Alec King, were the next to cross the line. That would lead matters into heat three, where Jacob Henry wasted no-time, in imposing his will on the rest of the field. Brett Heidorn, locked-down the second place residency, and Robert Hailey, showcasing his ability in third. Following the main event hole-shot of Alec King, Hailey and Edwards would pursue further ideology, chomping at the bit while time would unwind. Hailey, coming from a distant fifth place, had launched into the second-place residency by the time lap three arose. He wasn’t stopping there though, wanting the goal in which he truly desired, which was a victory. The white flag would be thrown, but by no act of surrender, would Edwards oblige. He battled to the bitter end, yet, would fall just short at the stripe. Robert Hailey, at that moment in time, was crowned champion with certainty.